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Any Greek person on yahoo answers?

Hey whats up? Im in Thesaloniki with friends and we are looking for prostitutes. Can I find a map or any location of prostitutes in Thesaloniki? I know there is a Greek website but I dont understand anything. Whores in Thesaloniki, location anyone? 

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  • John
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    3 months ago
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    Not my thing, but the age old advice applies. Ask a taxi driver.

  • Jason
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    3 months ago

    Please beware of the STDs before you go to prostitutes or sleep around, especially INCURABLE very common HERPES (HSV2), Every 1 out of 6 People have it, since prostitutes and girls who sleep around have sex with so many, they are most likely to have it and this virus can be contracted even if you wear a condom

    See below

    Check for the sections TREATMENT and EPIDEMIOLOGY

    Pls don't ruin your entire life for FEW MINUTES OF FUN, It's not worth it. Have one trusted partner for sex even it may take time to find a one

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