Spiritually: have you ever experienced becoming more supportive of a group you used to judge, by getting to know someone who's part of it?

I was just thinking about this. About how I think SO many people who judge certain groups of people..? Just haven't gotten to personally KNOW someone who's a nice, genuine, lovely person, who's also a member of said group! And.. I'm wondering if it's even POSSIBLE to have that experience, of getting to deeply, personally know one or more members of a certain group, and to still keep judging and / or misrepresenting it..? (Feel free to give me examples of that, too.)

Like: if GG came to really like and respect a trans person, (not that that would ever happen at this point, sadly), maybe he would stop being such a piece of sh*t twisted, vitriolic hater of trans people?

Anyway, yeah.. Examples from my own life: I've met some cool conservative people, that have made me realize that conservatives can indeed also be great, open people, in their own way! And I've gotten to know some Muslims, that have given me a better opinion of Muslims. (Although I still dislike Islam, as a religion.) Same goes for Christians and Christianity, too. AND..? I used to not really *get* non-binary gender identities. Until falling head over heels in love with a non-binary person. And now I TOTALLY get and respect it, as a real thing. <3

How about yous..? :)

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    10 months ago
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    Over my life I've swerved my way across the political and religious spectrum and have long since come to the conclusion that personal trust is best reserved for individuals, not groups. You can find good and decent human beings pretty much everywhere, although their viewpoints are not always easy to get to grips with. Sometimes you find topics you absolutely have to tiptoe around.

    I've befriended and worked alongside Christians of many denominations, Muslims, Jews, Pagans, Wiccans, New Age and of course atheists. Their religious differences tend to matter a lot less than people on here would make out.

    Politically I hover around the centre left, but have friends on both sides of the spectrum. I also find both those views maddening on occasion!

    I still don't get non-binary gender, and I say that with one of my close friends being trans!

    I don't get what it could be like to be a quadriplegic or severely autistic. how could I? So by the same measure I don't presume to understand what it could be like to feel your own body doesn't match your gender. But I don't have to get it in order to be caring and accepting of anyone for whom that is the experience.

    I'm not so arrogant as to believe my own experience of life is the only one that is valid. I find the position taken by GG and any other haters out there incomprehensible.

    I'm now trying to think of where I just can't get on with other kinds of people.

    There's still some people with whom I've realised I share absolutely nothing in common except for living on the same planet. There's are also some people with whom I just can't bring myself to form any sort of connection. Predominately Nazis. They make my skin crawl.

    Actually, extremists of all beliefs and all politics are hard work - and I have tried! Just having a conversation with them is draining. Their entire existence seems to orbit around their one life obsession and seem to live in a constant state of paranoia. Any element not part of their ideology is either totally irrelevant of is their deadly enemy.

    People should doubt things from time to time you know? Have a bit of self-awareness, be a bit insecure and thoughtful. Even laugh at themselves on occasion. That absolute certainty of purpose which burns in the eyes of extremists never feels quite human to me.

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    Sure.  As an Anglican, I attended a mostly Catholic seminary.  It had Anglican, and Eastern departments, but, it was over 80% Catholic, and we all took the same classes from the same professors.  I gained a real respect for Catholics there.  I am not one, and never will be, but, I found we are all about 98% the same.

    Before I moved, I lived in a heavily Muslim area.  My daughter's school was 50% Muslim.  Fine people by, and large!  Her school certainly had fewer problems than most of the other schools in the district.

    The most moral men I ever met was a total Atheist.  A fine man though, although I could never convince him that God exists!

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    1 Co15:33 Do not be deceived: “Bad company ruins good morals.”

    As a Christian I will talk with anyone that is willing to listen. But I will not consistently associate with non-Christians.

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