Is „perpetrate” the right word to use here? If so, what does it mean in these two instances?

Here are a couple of quotes from a book where I can’t seem to understand what exactly the author meant by "perpetrate."

"How have your emotional health and behavioral choices reflected any patterns of defective thinking that the enemy [the devil] has suggested and that you

have perpetrated?"

"Now think back all the way to the beginning of this study when you wrote the circumstance or person that is most difficult in your life right now. Remember? ... What are the lies that the enemy has used in this circumstance to perpetrate in your mind?"

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  • 7 months ago
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    'Perpetrate' usually means 'cause something to carry on' or 'continue to do something'. The first sentence is asking "What defective thinking has the devil suggested to you and that you have maintained?"  The original sentence is grammatically correct but even grammatically correct sentences can be nonsense. The purpose of the text you are reading is to manipulate you and to plant in your head the author's defective thinking. When you read anything, including this answer, you need to do so with a critical mind. What is the author trying to achieve? What are they trying to make me think? Is what they say true or is it based on unsubstantiated stories? Does it form part of some continuing narrative of misinformation or manipulation.

    OK, moving on to the final sentence from your sample, the sentence does not quite make sense. The author is trying to appear cleverer than they really are. Once you understand the meaning of 'perpetuate' and its normal usage, you will understand what the author was trying to say. They just didn't quite get it right.

    In my opinion , the enemy of rational thought is ignorance and a lack of ability to critically evaluate information and opinions. We all make mistakes. It is a valuable process by which we learn and mature. We each make our own mistakes. We take the blame, we try to put things right and we try to avoid making those mistakes in the future.

    If we don't like where we find ourselves, as a person or as a circumstance, a rational person considers where they would rather be and then makes a realistic plan of how to get there. If that means changing something about ourselves, we work on it. If that means getting a better job, we work towards getting the qualifications and experience we need. The plan never ends, we can always grow and improve.

    We do not need to blame devils or fairies or other mythical creatures for our shortcomings. That's a cop-out that lacks any supporting evidence and is based entirely on myth. We made choices. We chose paths. We can accept responsibility to change.

    What do I have to gain by saying this to you? Absolutely nothing but the miniscule contribution to the collective well-being of humanity if one person brings rational thought to their life and escapes mental manipulation. I hope you will mentally challenge everything I have said and I definitely hope you will challenge the text you have been reading that is trying to manipulate your thoughts.

  • 7 months ago

    "perpetrate" means to carry out, or to do. What kind of cockamamie book is this? Blaming your problems or mistakes on the devil is so last century. 

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