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Should Virologist run the country in the even of a pandemic?


Edit: in the event of a pandemic

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    Doctor Fauci shouldn't be the end all be all. Doctor Fauci & most of the scientist running Center for Disease Control for 3-4 decades just didn't know what they were dealing with & copied China's handling  COVID-19 Virus with the data Chinese Doctors & Scientist released. Doctor Fauci & CDC Scientists have been operating as they have since Obama's Administration & this pandemic proved that the bureaucracy they had in place then could not handle SARS-COV-2 spreading at this magnitude. Thus, a Task Force requiring Defense Dept. & Private Sector involvement was crucial. The Whole World Failed at Keeping COVID-19 out of their countries. CDC, NIH, HHS, & WHO all Failed, as gov. Cuomo argued. WHO should've taken the role of an International Pandemic Response Agency mobilized as soon as there's a large outbreak of an unknown disease infecting humans in a city to quarantine & study. WHO was late to gather Data & sound the Alarm for every country in the world to brace it self from a pandemic the world connected by travel & transport where every day life requires social interactions in close proximity was not prepared for.

    No One could've known about an "unknown" disease to infect humans that transmit from human to human simply by talking from people who weren't even showing signs of illness at the beginning stages & into a pandemic. A respiratory disease like COVID-19 can't really be contained absent of data on how fast & easily it spreads by 85% of infected people who never got ill or hospitalized (14.5%-14.95% are recovering) experiencing symptoms of a common cold for which the lightly infected & doctors overlooked it, until alarming number of hospitalized patients were overwhelming the hospitals & 1/20 were dying weekly which prompted a Chinese doctor to look through a microscope ruling out the Africanized swine flu happening at the same time across China that started 3 months earlier. China took extraordinary measure when it was apparent how contagious the virus was, but it was too late as initially they focused on quarantining feverish people having acute symptoms which allowed the virus to spread out of Wuhan through foreign tourist, diplomats & business travelers showing no signs of infection.

    The Administration were working behind the scenes of the (D)s impeachment fiasco drawing up plans in early January if things got worst in Wuhan & spread out of Wuhan after CDC scientists were sent in Dec. 2019, but China refused help while (D)s defy & resist the Administration's mitigation guidelines. Travel restriction from & to China was declared before there was a confirmed case in the US. Andrew Cuomo didn't quarantine every international flight & sea vessels coming into New York when travel restrictions were announced in late January turning NY into an epicenter. In the west coast all passengers & crews of princess cruises that dock were quarantined, even if they've already been quarantined abroad just as all passengers & crews of a Boeing 747 from China were quarantine. Cuomo tried to pull a fast one on the incumbent with the 40,000 Ventilators he was planning on hoarding stored in a NY warehouse to control the supply lines. Cuomo pushed back on Statewide Federal Quarantine & ordered Nursing homes to accept COVID-19+ patients where more than 1/2 of the mortality statistic comes from. Having worked closely with the Administration to keep the spread at a minimal & flatten the curve, the west coast governors are getting carried away with the shutdowns threatening to make it permanent, until vaccination that could partially work 50/50, like flu vaccines, are readily available for obvious political reason letting their megalomaniac tendencies loose. N. Dakota, Georgia, & Florida are much better in keeping things balanced as Red states prefers a targeted shutdown approach to minimize the spread.

    Prior to 03/15/20 when all partisan (D) news media anchors along with Doctor Fauci & other (lib) experts stated that Influenza should be looked at more than Wuhan Flu with Dr. Fauci assuring the public not to be alarmed on NEWSMAX aired in 01/21/20 & again emphasized the danger was miniscule in 02/17/20. In April, Dr. Fauci reverses his don't wear mask advice, only healthcare workers, questioned by many as it spreads from simply talking. CDC found COVID projection model was over estimated, Fauci mused 1 year quarantine late March, then mid May say the country needs to open as shutdown has grave irreputable consequences.

    At some point the country & the world will need to cope & live with COVID-19 along other diseases that are far more lethal & incurable than COVID-19. With an incubation period of 2 weeks, 6 weeks shutdown is more than enough & should've transitioned to targeted shutdown. The world is still dealing with HIV, EBOLA (99% mortality), Hepatitis C & Syphilis without a vaccine. Shutdowns for more than a couple of months will put 280 millions in poverty. A year shutdown will put 320 Million Americans in poverty where the government will have to nationalize the industries, private property, & public individualism inducing famine, unproductivity & deaths.

    Sweden revered as a socialist success did not take the socialist approach of shutting down their economy as they knew COVID-19 isn't apocalyptic & will spreads no matter how (D)s & partisan news media makes it apocalyptic while the young & healthy rarely affected keeps the economy stable. Doctor Dan Erickson analyzed & exposed the natural & pre-existing conditions deaths are being classified as COVID-19 death, & Influenza deaths are likely being counted as well.

    Worldwide Deaths from 01/01/20 - 04/04/20: COVID-19 59,226, Seasonal Flu 125,352, Water Related Diseases 217,099, Malaria 252,878, Suicides 276,480, Road Accidents 348,044, HIV/AIDS 433,382, Alcohol 644,785, Smoking 1,288,753, Cancer 2,117,316, Hunger 2,883,497

    Despite how American socialists (Sanders & AOC) brand their socialism as Democratic Socialist to mask their true intentions to achieving the end goal of Socialist state control of the economy, industry, property & the public by draconian bureaucratic regulations. Everything they propose such as public education (free & mediocre) & universal single payer health care (rationed) is straight up the USSR, Cuba & Venezuela's play book which Sanders lauds & defends. (Venezuela praised as Democratic Socialist was more Communist with its bureaucrats pillaging oil revenues). These socialist countries don't have state of the art Hospitals & Cadillac Gov. Assist. for all (only 0.0001%) because there isn't enough funds & man power regardless of how much of the private sector are taxed & nationalized. Ultimately all concept or branding of socialism leads to Government owned property of industries, housing, farms, people, long working hours, & NO: dissenting free speech, entrepreneurship, competition, varieties in brands or materials with very little individuality, motivation, & productivity.

    In a Socialist country it is very hard to impossible to be a Millionaire when socialists like Bernie & AOC will take 90% of an entrepreneurs wealth, income, & property. Sanders always touts Sweden (less densely populated homogenous country) as a socialist success where Millionaires & Billionaires thrives from the middle class & the working poor being the ones funding most gov. assistance in Sweden. Bernie & AOC will use every means of pressure & influence in advancing the Green New Deal's socialist agenda funded by the top 21% ($Millionaires/$Billionaires) turning that into the top 0.0001% for the US economy & society to permanently mirror Cuba, Venezuela & N. Korea eliminating most of the rich (except elites in government) & all middle class to exist as all social classes' income are flattened.

    Lesson for America: Sweden isn't Socialist

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    A nationwide 75% economic shutdown to essentials only is a communist model economy from a pandemic or warfare that plunges 1st world economies into a depression for socialism to takes hold & permanently take over under the Green New Deal (New Communist Manifesto). Anyone who has lived & escaped Venezuela knows this feeling, once all Industries & Private Properties are nationalized. Senate/House (D)s Green New Deal will shape America's economy in line with Venezuela & Cuba where bureaucrats control the economy & profits (ripe for corruptions). Everyone will either be working for the government assigned jobs deemed necessary, or unemployed on rationed gov. assistance & rent free dilapidated apartment in disrepair.

    As POTUS urges each states to open their economy in 3 phases. (D) States Governors are doing all they can to prolong the shutdowns seeing the pandemic as an opportunity to erase decades long debt & mismanagement they have incurred from spending more than the high taxes they collect as they scheme with (D) Congress (has power of purse) for a bailout & print endless money regardless of how much the US dollar will deflate in value taking a page from the Venezuelan & Zimbabwean model where $1 is a Trillion in Zimbabwean & Venezuelan currency. The pandemic is resetting the world nations' economies, but 1st world countries have the means to bounce back with their infrastructures in logistic, manufacturing, retail, natural resources, academics, engineering & science. Due to crimes, corruption, & brain drain of special skill, 3rd world economies have no chance to surpass 1st world economies.

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    No. But one should work for the surgeon general who should advise the president.

    There are more moving parts to a pandemic than virology. You have to also consider epidemiology, economics, logistics, defense...

    Trump shouldn't run the show, but we should have a smart man who listens to experts doing it. Not just one specific expert.

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