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The IRS just called an said I owe $10,000 in back taxes an I don't know what to do?

I said I might be able to get my mom an step dad to cut a check for that amount an I could pay them back but I already owe them $3000 I barrowed for my fiance's BTA (that's basic travel allowence) in Nigeria.

But they said I cannot pay the back taxes with a check, I have to use something called Steam Gift Cards, I don't even know what that is! I never heard of such a thing!

The man said to go to my local Best Buy or WallMart an buy $10,000 worth of Steam Gift Cards an then read him the numbers on them an that will pay my texas. Has anyone else had this happen? My tummy is just turning flip flops an I don't want to end up in jail!


So this is just a scam?  Omg thank God. I have been crying and vomiting all day.

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    The IRS did not call. Someone else called and pretended to be the IRS.

    The IRS would not have called to say that. If a caller says that, it means that they are not the IRS.

    The IRS does not ever, under any circumstances, allow anyone in the world to pay them with a gift card. If a person says to pay them with a gift card, that means that they cannot possibly be the IRS.

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    They said I owned them a million but never called, they just confiscated a bank account and put a tax lien on my house.  You think they are calling you during a pandemic over a lousy $10k?

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    It is a common SCAM.   the IRS never phones.    [They break down the front door about the time you are having SEX & storm the house.(if you believe the movies]

    .  The IRS does not yell and scream or threaten you over the phone, nor do they want your banking information or your credit card #.

    .   These guys are sitting in some little cafe somewhere in the world trying to scare you into coughing up some cash.

    .   Basically no different than those other YoYo's that tell you they are a Nigerian Prince that needs to get his millions out of his country and chose YOU to be the recipient of  his $14 Million dollars...that is after you send him your bank account number so he can deposit it into your account with direct transfer.    People fall for the story and if they get 1 in 1000, it pays.  They withdraw all the money out of your account and that is the end of the story.  Nothing you can do. Nothing the bank can do.  

    . The bank did tell you to keep your bank account number a secret and not to give you PIN to anyone.  "But you gave it all away."

    U have been out of Mommies tummy for a long time.U got to start using your head yourself.

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    Seriously?  these scams have been around for years. The IRS does not call you on the phone to ask for GIFT CARDS. The IRS doesn't call you on the phone PERIOD. They send an official letter with an accounting of what you owe. 

    Hang up your phone, block the numbers that say they are from the IRS and stop worrying. Just don't send them ANYTHING. You don't owe taxes. 

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    scam. You should really watch Kitboga videos on youtube or twitch, where he turns the tables on scammers. They are usually funny

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    The IRS never, ever, ever calls you on the phone. Scam.

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    The IRS absolutely positively does NOT call people to tell them about a tax debt.

    If you really owed them money they would send you an official letter in the mail.

    The phone call you received is a scam from scumbags who are barely worth calling human beings. Hopefully you did not give them any personal or bank information. If you did give them any bank info like a credit card number or bank account number immediately contact your bank and freeze that card or account.

    Otherwise, take a deep breath and ignore the phone calls from these sub-human pieces of feces.

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    The IRS NEVER CALLS a customer, and I mean NEVER.

    They use US mail certified. And gift cards would never be used to pay any taxes be it federal, state or city.

    This is the oldest scam on the books and criminals make a huge amount of money on it.

    What do you mean you borrowed money to pay for basic travel expenses? I think you are now marked for every scammer in the country of Nigeria.

    I have a feeling you already lost $3000. If a gift card is mentioned for any sort of payment, it is a SCAM plain and simple

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    Some girl got one for 6,900 and paid it and it was a scam.   I got advice.  You get one of these from anyone on the phone or by email, check it out!!  Let's say you get an email from your bank or paypal saying they need your info, WHY? they HAVE your info.   You call the bank or go on line to the bank or paypal and find out what is going on, you NEVER click the link in the email.  If you get a phone call saying your kid or grandkid is in jail and needs money, tell them to call back and you call the KID and ask if they are okay.  There are 10,000 scams out there, protect yourself.

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