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On a scale 0 to 10, how talented do you think these cruiserweights/juniorweights were in WCW?

Rey Mysterio

Chavo Guerrero

Chris Jericho

Alex Wright

Billy Kidman

Evan Karagias

Disco Inferno

Shannon Moore

Ultimo Dragon

Jushin Liger

Eddie Guerrero


Dean Malenko

Juventud Guerrera


Brian Pillman

Kaz Hayashi

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    This ratings are all based on solely cruiserweight wrestling style.

    Rey Mysterio - 10 - As a cruiserweight talent, Mysterio is a 10. He is one of the best high flying performers in wrestling history. He has definitely inspired lots of people.

    Chavo Guerrero - 7 - Chavo was a good wrestler in WWE that could wrestle with some great wrestlers.

    Chris Jericho - 9 - At his best, Jericho is of a very high level in wrestling. He definitely was far better than he is now and the chemistry he had with Shawn Michaels was superb. Those two put on a five star at No Way Out.

    Alex Wright - 6 - Decent wrestler however I wouldn't say he is high up there. His uppercuts, however, is high up there. Probably as painful as Cesaro's uppercuts.

    Billy Kidman - 5 - He is not a bad wrestler but he has not done anything that impressed me.

    Evan Karagias - 5 - Same as Kidman. He didn't really impress me and he got let go a bit too early.

    DI - 5 - He seemed more like Fandango(Dancer Fandango) but his wrestling isn't great.

    Shannon Moore - 6 - He's good in the ring however his WWE career wasn't as good. He has been a low-carder/jobber in WWE but at least he has improved in the Indies.

    Ultimo Dragon - 9 - Very, very talented wrestler that has had plenty of great matches, majority of them being in either Japan or Mexico. His Asai moonsault is beautiful and he is an example of a superb high flyer.

    Justin Liger - 10 - Another extraordinary cruiserweight that invented a number of moves. He is in Rey Mysterio leagues, no doubt. He could tell a story too. Liger has been in WCW, WWE, TNA, ROH and NJPW. He has also been in Mexican promotions. He was always better in Japan and Mexico. 

    Eddie Guerrero - 10 - Eddie was amazing in the ring. He had that technical ability but was also capable of diving. He had fantastic matches with Rey Mysterio, Brock Lesnar, Kurt Angle, Dean Malenko and Ric Flair. 

    Blitzkrieg - 6 - Capable wrestler however he retired pretty early. 

    Dean Malenko - 7 - He was good and could work very well with wrestlers such as Rey Mysterio and Chris Jericho.

    Juventud Guerrera - 7 - Good wrestler that has won a lot of championships across different promotions and he is very underrated.

    Psicosis - 7 - Another underrated luchadore who could wrestle really well in the ring.

    Brian Pillman - 7 - Brian was a good wrestler that worked well with some wrestlers.

    Kaz Hayashi - 6 - In WWE, he wasn't great. In Japan, he was a great but he still gets a 6. 

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      I like your answer.

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  • Uzaif
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    2 months ago

    Rey Mysterio - 10

    Chavo Guerrero - 8

    Chris Jericho - 9

    Alex Wright -

    Billy Kidman - 8

    Evan Karagias -

    Disco Inferno - 6

    Shannon Moore - 7

    Ultimo Dragon - 10

    Jushin Liger - 10

    Eddie Guerrero - 10

    Blitzkrieg - 7

    Dean Malenko - 9

    Juventud Guerrera - 9

    Psicosis - 9

    Brian Pillman - 10

    Kaz Hayashi -

    I haven't rated Alex Wright, Evan Karagias and Kaz Hayashi because I've no info about them. Although I have heard/seen Alex Wright's name in WCW on internet.

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  • David
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    2 months ago

    Where's Benoit?  He never put on a dull match.

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    Rey Mysterio - 10.

    Chavo Guerrero - 8.25.

    Chris Jericho - 9.

    Alex Wright - 8.

    Billy Kidman - 9.5.

    Evan Karagias - 7.75.

    Disco Inferno - 7.5.

    Shannon Moore - 7.

    Ultimo Dragon - 10.

    Jushin Liger - 10.

    Eddie Guerrero - 10.

    Blitzkrieg - 8.

    Dean Malenko - 9.5.

    Juventud Guerrera - 9.75.

    Psicosis - 9.

    Brian Pillman - 9.25.

    Kaz Hayashi - 7.75.

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  • You've named too many unpopular wrestlers.

  • 2 months ago

    Evan Karagias, Shannon Moore, Blitzkrieg, Kaz Hayashi, Juventud Guerrera? You know, you don't have to list those guys. Not too many wrestling fans here know them.

    *Ultimo Dragon and Justin Liger are a 8.

    *Dean Malenko is a 7.

    *The rest are the same rating that Nick gave.

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