What is wrong with you people? I hear all the time about how my SSI is “free” money that I don’t have to work for. Do you people really want?

to sit home all day doing nothing? Cause that is what this life is, I cannot afford a lot of entertainment or gadgets, I have nowhere to go and can’t afford much in the way of transportation anyway. Yeah I have the internet and would be lost without it and I have basic Netflix subscription. Sometimes I can get my hands on a book I want to read. That is the life you would prefer to having a job? Really?

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  • 9 months ago
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    I am not a "you people".  While I understand your angst, I find your question/rant offensive.

    You choose to sit at home all day and do nothing. If you were significantly intellectually impaired, I'd agree. But you certainly seem to have a brain capable of much more.

    Why do have to "afford" a book. There are books you can download. Most libraries have books online.load from the internet

    There are hobbies you can do online. I do genealogy. Other play games. Some take classes in computers or history or a foreign language.

    Cooking and crafts can be done at a very low budget with food you have to buy anyway and objects you have in your house.

    Join social groups online.

    I'm not diminishing that it is financially very tough being on SSI, but don't use that as the excuse for staying home and doing nothing.  

  • 8 months ago

    i get where you are comeing from my husband is disabled he would give almost anything to be able to understand things and to be able to work,

    when all there is that you can do is sit around distracting yourself from how usless your brain and body is to society it is not a good life and people belittle you because you can not work.

    even going so far as to say you appear to inteligent to be unable to because of how you speak .

    i get that you asked is my life what you would perfer over haveing a job?

    no, no one wants to be like that it is life and it is all that is

  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    Did you take your meds this morning?

  • Judith
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    9 months ago

    You aren't any different than anyone else who is disabled.  Doesn't matter if you get SSI and/or social security.  Doesn't matter if you get nothing.  You are in the same boat as someone who is poor who isn't disabled and can't afford to do much other than pay basic bills..

    Why is it that only "sometimes" you get your hands on a book you want to read?  Are you serious?  Ever heard of a library?  Got friends who read?  Borrow from them.

    Spare us the self-pity party.  It's boring and I, for one, don't feel sorry for you.  Most people make the best out of what they have.  You do nothing but feel sorry for yourself and complain about it.  THAT is what makes your life a sorry one.  You have no one to blame but yourself.  Get off your duff and take a walk.  

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  • 9 months ago

    MY JUDGEMENT IS BASED ON ACTUAL RESEARCH PUBLISHED BY SSA and AN INDEPENDENT INVESTIGATION (2 separate).MY STORIES ARE OF SPECIFIC CASES I PERSONALLY HAVE A LOT OF KNOWLEDGE ABOUT...what the frauds themselves said and what I witnessed...people who I spent a lot of time with to know their actual level of disability.

    I notice you say get your hands on a book you want...that could be from a library or friend or may be a thrift store...sure there are a lot of free books at the library.  There is a book I would like to try to read, its not at any library in my area (Charlotte Rae, The Facts of My Life).

    I can't even function much at home.  I have 2 productive hours per day.  I can't take online classes.  I can't read a book.  If I am lucky I can read Reader's Digest which I can download from my library for free...haven't done that in about a year.  I do play games....monopoly, solitaire, yahtzee, etc on my computer.

    The problem is that studies have shown that possibly about 2/3rds of people collecting disability are frauds.  I personally know about 5.  In one case the kids were legit disabled, but they failed to report the father's income (who lived in the house)....claiming he was out of the picture...and they drove a BMW and did other things.

    The one family had a blind child who at 18 made a miraculous recovery and got a job as a security guard.  The intellectually disabled child got a college degree and worked as a business manager.  The mother recovered from an incurable illness once the rest of the kids were too old for dependent benefits (she kept having more kids to keep the dependent benefits coming...had a couple older kids that fraudulently got SSI.....she coached the kids to act disabled and I even suspect drugged them.

    The one with relatively mild cerebral palsy who could walk short distances (around a block and up a flight of stairs) who used his free time to engage in competitive sports and openly admitted he got more on disability because he used to have a high page job and now could only get lower pay.

    The one working full time for cash.

    a couple others doing physically demanding work, getting paid cash and apply for disability for injuries (1 is a car accident she was suing over...yet blabbing to people about what she was doing).

    there is 1 more I am forgetting at the moment.

    people exaggerate on applications, doctors lie to make patients happy..

    and people see the frauds, they don't see the people that really are limited and aren't out and about...the frauds are what get noticed...so that is all they know.

  • 9 months ago

    You seem to be very upset, but I can't figure out what exactly is upsetting you or what your ACTUAL question is. Could you clarify?

  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    People that collect SSI are maybe handicapped, elderly, or have other medical reasons why they cannot work. Do you understand what SSI is? Your question is ridiculous. DO SOME RESEARCH ON SSI before you post a question like this.

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