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recover windows 10 password.?

What software can I use to recover windows 10 password and could anyone give me the original link of the program, I need a useful freeware one as I cannot afford to pay for proprietary software as I am a student ?

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    If you purchased your computer with Windows 10 installed, it's possible that the system is installed in a separate "drive" on your hard drive. Usually Windows gives a recovery disk to access it. If you don't have the disk, then Google"How to Recover..." and add your computer model before searching. 

    Otherwise you need to search the web for freeware or shareware operating systems. Lynux was considered excellent 20 years ago. 

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    if you have a Microsoft Account tied to the Windows account (you use your email address to login) you can recover here:

    otherwise, you need to take it to a PC repair shop. it's not a job for someone who doesn't know what they're doing...

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