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Is it possible for someone to remote into my laptop via Microsoft account?

Context - My friend just bought me a laptop for my bday (Amazing friend) and it arrived completely packaged up and everything. No signs of tampering.

However, now they're trying to get me to get a Microsoft account and connect it to my computer. Their reason is so we can play Minecraft on different platforms together, but they're so insistent I'm wondering if there's an ulterior reason.

is there any way for them (Who had access to the computer beforehand despite the fact the packaging was perfect) to be able to remote into the computer to either view my screen or look at my files? Sorry if this sounds dumb but I want to make sure.

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    No. And if they had an ulterior motive and had physical access to the computer, there are way easier ways they could have gained remote access already.

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    that is how Windows 10 is. it tracks everything you do (searches, website visits, questions you ask Cortana), and reports it back to Microsoft.

    To track you more effectively, it needs you to create an account, to uniquely identify you.

    you do NOT need a Microsoft account on your computer to play Minecraft, just to play the Minecraft APP (in the Microsoft Store).

    you can still install and play the Java version, and login with your Microsoft account in-game to connect to other servers.

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