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Why is it illegal to put out word for DnD players who aren't high schoolers?

I'm looking to fill out my group with several new players, but the store owner we play at said I would be banned and reported to the police for discriminatory behavior, if I specified in my 'players wanted' post that I wouldn't consider high schoolers.

It's not because I hate kids or something, I just know that high schoolers are generally not as mature as the rest of us (35-50 range) due to not yet having the life experience, and thus, they may be more prone to creating or being drawn to unnecessary drama in and out of the game.

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  • Rumple
    Lv 4
    3 days ago

    It isnt illegal, the store owner is being a douchebag.  You can print this out and take it over to show him.

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  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    Because the store owner is being a weird prick, who probably thinks some ill-advised high-school girl is going to mistakenly stumble in to play.

    If he actually called the police, they would get a good and well-deserved laugh out of it, while likely telling him never to call again.

    Either insist on your age group thing, or find a different place to play.

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  • John
    Lv 7
    3 weeks ago

    well it's not illegal first off, you are allowed to discriminate however you like for your own personal d&d game. the store owner is allowed to set their own rules on who they allow to play in their store however and they could boot you if they wanted to, although they would only be wasting police time if they called them

    i would either specify 21+ due to subject matter in your game rather than just no high school kids, or play at home or a friends house rather than in the store

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  • 3 weeks ago

    It's a D&D game and you're worried teenagers aren't mature enough to play it? I mean, there's no problem with adults playing it, but really?

    • Anonymous3 weeks agoReport

      Teenagers don't often have the same (or comparable) life experience to someone 35-50. I remember my sister being 17 and having anorexia because putting on 5 pounds was the worst thing. Now she appreciates having food over being skinny to impress some schmuck, and works at the local food bank.

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  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    You didn't say where you're from so I can only give examples from the law where I live, here in the UK. Age discrimination is certainly allowed as long as there is a good reason. Obviously no one demands that adults be allowed to play in a sporting league made for children, for example, and even within those teams you'd still expect to put them into age bands. Similarly a company could offer a special trip deal for 'over 60's', and they're allowed to exclude people in their late 50's by saying the trip has been organised with specific facilities and services for older people on the coach. There are many other examples - perks for seniors, limits on financial services, etc, all legal.

    So one allowance is "enabling people of particular age groups to enjoy activities together", it might be better to not say 'no high schoolers' ('direct discrimination') but instead state it indirectly, say that 'the purpose of the group is to bring together people of the same age range'.

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