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how do i speak to someone at yahoo directly?

how does one directly contact yahoo workers or owners?

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    Yahoo Corporate HQ is located in Sunnyvale, CA so I suppose you could call information and ask for the phone number for the Yahoo Corporate Offices.  Of course since Verizon bought Yahoo you could contact them and ask to be transferred to a random Yahoo worker or one of the Yahoo owners.

    You can also use this link to find a link to a feedback form and address that you can send snail mail -

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    Well rely don't now much

  • 5 months ago

    I've tried and it is impossible. There is not a single option for support beyond automated canned responses and moderator bots.

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    You can't .....

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  • Sharon
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    6 months ago

    Yahoo has no direct customer support, email, or phone numbers you can call. The only paid support option available is Yahoo Account Pro in the US, UK and Ireland only:

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    that is how you should ask questions on here don't expain why and don't use long posts and remeber speech is not a right on webistes.

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