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WHERE is the working proof for evolution?  ?

All you have are theories, extrapolations and speculations.


extrapolations - the action of estimating or concluding something by assuming that existing trends will continue or a current method will remain applicable for millions of years.

Update 2:

CoronaVirus pandemic  is the proof of coronavirus virus. It is not the proof of single cellular organism evolving into humans. FAIL.

Update 3:

Paul, you are a Christian Biologist. But you have not provided any working proof for the evolution of single cellular organism to humans. FAIL. I know what theory means in science. But still all your theories are based on ex.rapolations and speculations. That is not a proof. FAIL.

Update 4:

tentofield - Comparing evolution to gravity is stupid. I can test gravity easily by dropping a ball from the top of a building. I can't see evolution. There is no way to prove that humans evolved from single cellular organism. FAIL.

Update 5:

Arni, stop the silly memes and provide the proof. FAIL.

Update 6:

ANDRE L - Stop the silly copy paste quotes and memes. Provide the working proof for evolution. FAIL.

Update 7:

God of Thunder - DNA might show you similarity between organisms. But that is not a proof for the actual evolution process. There is no way to know whether the organism evolved that way. What if God created all his creations with DNA similarity?

Update 8:

God of Thunder - No,  God did not re-use the DNA. He might created all organisms at the same time with similarities. All I am saying is there it is not a proof for the evolution process.

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    Evolution is a modern-day myth. It's based in theory, not reality. It also developed from tge now debunked pseudoscience of craniometry. Woe to those who assume theories are accurate representations of the real world! Notice how none of the atheists here could answer your question and instead insulted you and used cherry-picked authoritative figures to strengthen their arguments. They choose to embrace evolution because the alternative is simply not an option for them. They're lost.

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    By reciting the rosary every day with care and sincerity, a person can know numerous truths about God, creation and evolution.

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         First of all, science does not deal in proofs but rather in weights of evidence.  Secondly, it's clear that you have no earthly idea what a scientific theory is.  Thirdly, the theory of evolution is based upon both direct observation and reasoned inference from empirical evidence.

         Would you like for me to summarize 160 years of evidence for evolution from the fields of paleontology, biogeography, genetics, and comparative anatomy?  Perhaps you'd like to confine the summary to 25 words or less--what do you say?  Or maybe for the sake of an anti-intellectual fundie evangelist you'd want me to cut that down to 15 words.  Sure, why not?

         And how do I know what I'm talking about?  I have a master's and a Ph.D. in biological fields.  What are your qualifications--other than an IQ that matches your shoe size?

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    So all we have are theories (meaning empirical evidence that provides a working explanation of how evolution works), extrapolations (using the empirical evidence to effectively make predictions about how evolution will continue to work), and speculation (for which you provide no clear examples, so I will reject the claim absent evidence that anyone is speculating on evolution).

    There is direct observational evidence of evolution in mutating viruses and individuals being born with extra or missing sets of chromosomes being able to pass on those mutations to their children; there is also evidence in anatomical homologous structures, molecular biology, the fossil record, and bio-geographical animal distributions.  Animals that branch off from earlier species share certainly anatomical traits with newer species while those that branch off in other directions do not share those features.  Genetically, the branches are more closely related than other branches.  Fossils show the existence of closely and more distantly related animals.  Animals that share certain anatomical features live where those anatomical features are conducive to survival and do not live where they are not, as they die out through natural selection.  But let me guess, you think all animals were born with the existing anatomy and lucked out finding geographic locations to survive in, rather than those with the necessary traits adapting to survival, right?  You realize how foolish that sounds, don't you?

    And then you reject evidence like mutations (DIRECT F***ING EVIDENCE OF EVOLUTION) by saying something as ignorant as "that doesn't show single celled organisms became humans" showing everyone that you are not interested in the least of evidence of evolution, you just want to proverbially "open your mouth to remove all doubt."  You aren't interested in truth, you are interested in name calling and spouting nonsense to satiate some innate need to be a clown to everyone.  What do you hope to gain by this?  What void in that empty little soul is being filled by playing the fool on an social media site? 

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    look under natural history

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    Certain facts exist. Most people extrapolate those facts too far and pretend that atheistic evolution has been proven to be the case.

    The facts support theistic evolution. They support creation spanning billions of years. They do not support atheistic evolution.

    The trends of atheistic evolution are to weakness, disease, and death. Only one mutation in 100 is even weakly beneficial. Half are fatal. See where this is going? All the rest are debilitating.

    Every single imperfect system that is not maintained degrades and fails with time. Life is no exception. Life could not have persisted for billions of years, much less flourished or grown in order and complexity, without somebody maintaining and improving it. Evolution can only work if God is behind it.

  • Otto
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        There was no evolution !  Evolution is not a Bible teaching.

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    DNA evidence alone proves common descent. No, that's not just speculation, but I'm sure you're not allowed to learn about the evidence for evolution. You were probably trained to chant "There is no evidence for evolution, there is no evidence for evolution" any time someone comes near you with some scary evidence. Then you look away before you can accidentally see it.

    EDIT:  All you're doing is proving that you don't have the slightest idea what the DNA evidence is.  It's about non-functioning strands being carried along.  It's about copying errors appearing in all later generations of some line.  Anyone who can say "God re-used similar DNA" knows absolutely nothing about the subject.

    EDIT 2:  No, you still don't get it. You don't seem to grasp the implications of copying strands of DNA during the process of reproduction and seeing the copying errors in later generations at all. You're just sort of wildly flailing at excuses, hoping that something you say might make sense even though you don't understand the underlying science at all.  It doesn't. 

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    Wrong Category.

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    The word "theory" does not mean the same thing in science that it means in everyday usage. "I have a theory why Joe is late for dinner" means a guess, unsupported by evidence. In science, a possible explanation for something is called a hypothesis. It does not get elevated to the status of a scientific theory until is supported by vast evidence obtained by the investigations of many different scientists over along period of time, with no evidence to the contrary. We know far more about biological evolution than we know about gravity.

    born again Christian biologist

  • 4 months ago

    Inigo Montoya : You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

    HONEST people ask Science questions in the appropriate Science section.DISHONEST people ask Science questions in R&S, because they don't WANT an actual answer based on Science.Thank you for making it so clear which kind of asker you are.

    It is time for students of the evolutionary process, especially those who have been misquoted and used by the creationists, to state clearly that evolution is a fact, not theory, and that what is at issue within biology are questions of details of the process and the relative importance of different mechanisms of evolution. It is a fact that the earth with liquid water, is more than 3.6 billion years old. It is a fact that cellular life has been around for at least half of that period and that organized multicellular life is at least 800 million years old. It is a fact that major life forms now on earth were not at all represented in the past. There were no birds or mammals 250 million years ago. It is a fact that major life forms of the past are no longer living. There used to be dinosaurs and Pithecanthropus, and there are none now. It is a fact that all living forms come from previous living forms. Therefore, all present forms of life arose from ancestral forms that were different. Birds arose from nonbirds and humans from nonhumans. No person who pretends to any understanding of the natural world can deny these facts any more than she or he can deny that the earth is round, rotates on its axis, and revolves around the sun.The controversies about evolution lie in the realm of the relative importance of various forces in molding evolution.- R. C. Lewontin "Evolution/Creation Debate: A Time for Truth" Bioscience 31, 559 (1981) reprinted in Evolution versus Creationism, op cit.

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