What is the best way to online sell the use of a Powerpoint but prevent purchasers from reselling or giving copies away?

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  • 6 months ago
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    Sell the USE of Powerpoint. That is called "Software as a Service" (or SaaS). It is becoming a popular model for "selling" software.

    Usually it is controlled by requiring some kind of a key to run the software. This may be a physcial device that you have to plug into the back of your computer. When the program begins it will look for that device and only run if it is there. That prevents someone from giving the programs to others as they would not have a key. You can not do that with Powerpoint because you can not go in and change the program to require a key.

    the next method is to put the program on line and require that they run it from a website. MS as done this with Office 365. You have to have an account to access the software. The sites keeps track of how many copies of the program are in use and will not let you run more copies then you have paid for. If you give it to other people, your copy will keep failing to work because they are using up all your licenses. Because you do not own Powerpoint, you can not legally do this. You do not have permission to sell licenses to the program.

    The long and short of it is, since you do not own Powerpoint )Microsoft does) you can not legally sell the use of the program. They would tak you to court and sue you for everything you own.

    You would need to write your own program if you want to be able to restrict its usage.

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