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Overall are these New Japan pro wrestlers good, bad, average, great, or amazing?

Hiroshi Tanahashi

Tetsuya Naito



Ryu Lee

El Phantasmo

Shingo Takagi


TAKA Michinoku

Tomoyuki Oka

Tomohiro Ishii


Kota Ibushi

Chase Owens

Hirooki Goto

El Desperado

Jeff Cobb

Jonathan Gresham

Sorry it's so long. I didn't want to leave too many out.

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    1. Great.  Tanahashi's very consistent, capable of carrying opponents in the ring twice his size with half of his experience, and just charismatic as all get out.__

    2. Good. Naito can be inconsistent at times because his style is to be sloppy and lackadaisical.  When it works, it's remarkable.  When it doesn't, it doesn't.__

    3. Average.  There's potential there to be sure, and on a bias level I do prefer him as a performer to Sho, but meat and potatoes in-ring, Sho's better.__

    4. Good. Again, I put Sho over his tag partner, but there's plenty to learn.  Could he be a future Ace? Maybe.  The tools are definitely there to be utilized, he just has to figure out how to use all of them.__5.  Good. Ryu's hybrid style is fun to watch, but there are those out there who do it better.__

    6. Good.  I think El P has potential, but like Ospreay before him, I think there's a bit of maturing to do before he becomes a truly great or even amazing wrestler.  Don't get me wrong, both men do amazing things, but Will's starting to learn the value of those amazing things.  Phantasmo hasn't yet in my eyes.__

    7. Good.  Shingo's the epitome of strong style.  He's a big guy who hits big and lands big powerhouse moves.  I don't think he'll ever headline in New Japan, but I do think his style has congealed and made for a unique offense.__8. Great.  Controversial take, but I think Evil's ready for whatever big plans New Japan has for him.  He's remarkable at chaining moves and playing the counter game, he has great speed for a stocky framed individual, and he's held his own in the ring with every big name in New Japan they've thrown at him.  Like his LIJ counterparts Naito and Shingo, I think we're seeing the finished product when it comes to Evil.__9. Great.  Taka's very influential and still very spry in the ring.__10. TBD.  I haven't seen any of his post-excursion stuff as Great Okarn, but I hear good things.__11. Amazing.  Call me a basic New Japan fanboy, but I'd be hard pressed to find a better wrestler on the roster than Ishii.  The guy gives his all every match despite rarely getting any payoff in the long run.  While his style may seem basic puro, there's such passion and execution in how he lands everything.  I feel about Tomohiro Ishii what Hitman fans feel about Bret.  The man makes everyone he steps into the ring with look good.__12. Average.  I love Taichi, probably more than most NJPW fans do actually, but even I'll admit that the highest he gets on this grading scale is good, and that's only when he's in the mood to try.__13. Amazing.  Kota Ibushi's the best wrestler in the world today.  I've said it before and I'll say it again.  __14. Average.  Chase deserves credit for his work.  I almost put good, but he's simply just a 'good hand' in New Japan.__15. Good.  If you had asked me midway through last year, my answer would've been somewhere around Average or straight up Bad, but something lit a fire under Goto in mid-2019 and he's been showing out.  Maybe it's working with young lions in LA, or maybe it's a desire to be more than just a chronic NEVER Openweight champion, either way the man showed me he still has something to give.__16. Average.  I sing the praises of Despy and Kanemaru a lot, but I honestly think Kanemaru's the glue that makes the team good.  Despy's fine though.__

    17. Amazing.  Cobb's run in New Japan's been a disappointment for a lot of reasons.  If grading solely on New Japan, I'd give him maybe good-to-average with good being generous.  His work elsewhere has been phenomenal though.  I know there are a lot of big guys doing flippy stuff with their muscle man shtick, but Cobb's a once in a lifetime talent.  He doesn't look strong, he is strong.  He doesn't look agile, but he is agile.  He doesn't look like he could put you on the mat and wrestle you like Angle, but Cobb's got that Olympic collegiate style down.__18. Great.  Gresham's on par with ZSJ on the mat, and has a little extra elsewhere in his game.  He can fly, he can muscle, he can hustle, and he can stretch.  He also doesn't look like a vegan skeleton, so he's got that going for him.  I'm just glad the dude finally broke out over the last couple years because he landed in a lot of places before finally calling ROH his home.

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