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Question about American Citizenship?

As far as I'm concerned, when an employer sponsors me:

-1: Sponsors me only for the work visa, and not for the greencard. I would like to know after how many years I live with the visa, I can apply for the greencard?

-2 After taking the greencard, after five years I can apply for citizenship.

Is this correct?

I'd like to find out more!

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    It's entirely up to a company whether they want to sponsor you for a visa. In general, they have to demonstrate that you have the knowledge, skill, or talent to fill their position, and that they are unable to find a qualified candidate within the United States. In other words, they have to justify bringing an alien to the US to fill their position.

    There is an annual limit on the number of those work visas which are made available. The quota for the next fiscal year usually become available an April 1st. Companies that want to sponsor workers usually flood USCIS with petitions at that time. Traditionally, the available visa slots are allocated within a week or two. An employer can submit a petition after that, but it will be denied because the slots have all been allocated. If the petition is accepted and approved then the visa will usually be approved within a few months. You can't start working until the beginning of the fiscal year your visa is issued for, which is October 1st.

    If there's a job you think you're well qualified for then it wouldn't hurt to contact the company and inquire about being sponsored for a work visa. You should probably contact as many companies as you think you're qualified to work at.

    If you get lucky, your H1B will be valid for an initial 3 years. After that, it can be extended for another 3 years. Thereafter you can get a Green Card. Another 5 years later you'd be eligible for naturalization. The most difficult step is the first one.

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    Employment visas are TEMPORARY, and solely for the purpose of performing a specific job for a specific employer. They are NOT a path to immigration. Only under certain circumstances can a qualified employer sponsor an employee on a specific type of employment visa for a green card if the employer wants to keep that employee beyond the maximum time allowed on that visa. It can take another 8-14 years before that employee MIGHT actually obtain a green card. It's up to the employer, and you cannot apply for any green card. 

    If you want to immigrate instead of work temporarily in a foreign country, then you have to qualify for immigration, apply, and be approved.

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    Work visas are only for as long as the work contract which is 2-3 yrs once that contract ends you go home

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