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What can I do about this situation?

So, this is going to be a long story. I am 14 years old and because I was sexually abused when I was 4 I am no longer allowed to live with my mom (I have not seen or talked to her in 7 years) she was not responsible enough to watch me. SO anyway fast forward to now and my family situation is miserable. My parents verbally abuse me on a daily bases they call me a "b i t c h" or a "c u n t" because I "gave them an attitude but mine is quite normal for a teenager. One day we get into an argument because I heard my stepmom call me things to my dad and my dad agreeing with her so I snapped and told her how much I hated her and how miserable the both of them make my life and then she slapped me which gave me a bloody nose and a black eye. My parents make me want to kill and I actually have to lock myself in a room to prevent me from acting out on my fantasies. With this corona virus pandemic and everything going on and the fact that they work at renown they have been even worse than usual and they take their anger out on me. They get mad at little things like me telling my siblings not to do things (just so I can prevent them from getting in trouble) because my parents are the same way to them. I have tried my best to be the best for my parents and they don't see me trying, they still find something to complain about me doing. My dad is constantly saying "I hate that little c u n t" about me and I know they want me out and I want to be out too.


  I cannot call CPS because my dad will kill me and it would cause even more trouble.  

Update 2:

  My dad also was with my little brother telling him "we have to get rid of her" or to "tie her down" which idk what he meant by that.  I think my dad is a pervert but I do not want to really get into it here.  He then said he was doing this to "scare me" He went by me and forced my head to the ground and it felt like he was going to break my neck but he didn't do it he is strong so I know if he planned to he would. 

Update 3:

  My dad is always angry and me and my stepmom don't get along she is so confrontational and I hate that she tries to control my life even though she is not my parent.  I love how she also gets to hit me, also I have no where else to go and CPS is NOT an option.  I know that they will just tell them their side and try to get me in trouble instead.  Their defense is that I "don't keep my mouth shut" I actually want to kill them in they will just tell that I told them that I wanted to kill them. 

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    Every one is of the same need to contact police child protective services, and get the heck out of there. Foster placement may be an option, as well as being placed with a willing friend or relative.  You are a vulnerable candidate for becoming a runaway from this impossible situation, but it would be out of the frying pan into the fire, if you were to become a street kid or even a prostitute, don't do it.  Your call will be anonymous, make sure to request this.  Now, having taken you quite seriously, I still have to wonder if you aren't making this incredible account up. Are you? If so, you are wasting a lot of good and well intentioned advisers' time; if not, I wish you very good luck .  

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    What is your address? I will come and help you.

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    The best thing to do is get the authorities involved. He won't kill you. Keep your mouth shut and when whoever you call arrives, refuse to let them leave you there. Why does anything else matter if you are afraid for yourself and your siblings? You must act in the right manner. But if you aren't being honest about any of this, you will be making a huge mistake. It's all dependent on whether you're telling the truth or not. Not proving the truth. If you are being honest, you must do what you can to help yourself and your siblings. Running away leaves your siblings to deal with it. That's cowardly. Stand up and tell the truth and the truth will set you free. P.S. State custody isn't always great either. BUT you will be helped if you really want to be. I will say a prayer for you tonight.

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    Theres always two sides to a story!  Ill make judgement after I hear your parent's side of the story.

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    all cps from another phone, there not allowed to say who called, give another name?

    I cant believe what you going through, i feel so bad for you. I am truely sorry, if you want to email let me know, ok

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    I am sorry you are going through this. You should call a trusted adult that can drive you to The Doctor or A Womans Shelter. Tell them you do not feel safe at home. I do not know how they will help during The Pandemic. But they will help you as much as they can. I hope this helps. 

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    Maybe if you weren't a spoiled little *****, then none of this would've happened. You should've respected your elders and they will respect you back. I can imagine the amount of attitude you put them, don't put yourself as a victim so people can pity. I hope you ******* get hit until you change that ******* attitude spoiled brat.

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    you need CPS or the cops.

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    Call your school and explain the situation thoroughly. They are wise enough to not alert your parents. Don’t worry about it. If you continue to stay silent, it will only get worse. If there is substantial evidence of abuse, more than likely you will be taken away from your parents and be put up for adoption. Hopefully your foster parents will treat you better.

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    If you still have bruises on your face now is the time to call CPS or go to the nearest police station and they will make sure your dad or your step mum cannot harm you.

    If you have a mobile phone, record conversation when they verbally abuse you.

    Try to avoid them as much as possible, do not retaliate. Be safe.

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    Sounds like you are making their lives miserable.  Do call CPS.  Your dad will not kill you, he will be happy to be rid of you.  And once you are on the record, they would never dare abuse you.

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