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American citizenship?

Hello guys, I come from Russia (Sorry for any grammatical errors). With my gf we are considering going to live in the USA in the future, but I know that the immigration system is very rigid and hard. How it works, is there a way to get it not very difficult? No trolls.

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    Immigrating to the US isn't any more difficult than immigrating to any other developed nation and in fact given the 1.5 million a year who do it the mathematical chances are actually the best in the world. If you're not being sponsored by a US citizen immediate family member you'd have to qualify for work visas. So assuming you and your gf both have degrees in fields that are needed in the US you'd start applying for vetted jobs remotely. If only one of you qualifies you could overcome that by getting married so the less qualified partner could be a dependent of the other.

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    There's no easy way, as you'd find if you'd researched it.

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    Do you have an occupation that the US needs?  Do you have an offer of a job from a REAL company (not just a "P.O. Box")?  Finally there IS a "lottery" of sort, but there are only 50,000 spaces available and well over 2 million people apply for these.

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