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what think of conspiracy theories that the CIA was involved in both of the JFK & Robert Kenney assassinations?

why? what about the unions such as the teamsters? I think they would actually have more reason since the Kennedy's were responsible for the de unionizing the work force in the USA?

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    I'm not well informed on RFK conspiracy theories.  The theory that Kennedy was killed by a conspiracy usually posits Vietnam as a motive.  In this theory, hawkish elements within the US government (as well as perhaps industrialists) wanted to escalate the Vietnam War.  Conspiracy theorists argue that Kennedy opposed this and so they killed him. 

    There's numerous problems with this theory, though.  The first one is that there's no evidence that Kennedy opposed American involvement in Vietnam.  The idea that Kennedy was dovish on Vietnam is largely an ex-post facto invention from the late 60s and 70s when the war had become enormously unpopular.  Baby Boomers who hated the war began imagining that the martyred President of their teen years would have stopped the war had he lived.  But in 1963, this argument wouldn't have made much sense.  Kennedy wasn't dovish on Vietnam.  He was a hard core commie hawk.  His brother had worked for Joseph McCarthy, and Kennedy himself had engaged in such anti-communist actions as trying to overthrow Castro in Cuba, then trying to assassinate him, and even almost provoking WWIII over nuclear weapons placement.  Conspiracy theorists often point to a memo which Kennedy had written about pulling troops out of Vietnam.  But this did not indicate that Kennedy was going to abandon the country.  Instead, Kennedy was only going to pull out a small portion of US forces there.  The reason was that he wanted to prod South Vietnamese Presdient Ngo Dinh Diem to scale back repressive crackdowns he had been engaging in, actions which the US felt were driving up sympathy for the Communists.  Kennedy had no intention of abandoning South Vietnam so there was no reason to kill him. 

    Furthermore, the idea that the CIA would kill him is silly.  In a functioning democracy like America, the powerful never engage in assassinations because it's always easier to just win the next election.  Kennedy had barely scraped into power in 1960 by the skin of his teeth.  Electing someone more hawkish in 1964 wouldn't be that hard, and it wouldn't run the risk of getting yourself before a firing squad.

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    I don't see the motivation there.

    I think the mafia is the more likely candidate, especially since a mafia gay 86'd Lee Harvey Oswald before he could talk.

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