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Child services in the USA?

Do they really work? I like psychology focused on criminology and read a book about the Sandy Hook shooting and realise that the gunman was badly ill mentally speaking. Here in my country we have a department called "Child services" which provide support to parents and in some cases separating them from them if there's neglect. 

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    Yes, there are child services in the USA.  Someone needs to report the problem, and there needs to be PROOF.

    I didn't need to read a book to come to the realization that the Sandy Hook shooter was "badly ill mentally."  I figure that out for myself.

    And here's something I wrote about child abuse:  "Child Protective Services (or whatever it's called in your area) will investigate and either determine there is NO abuse or that there is abuse. CPS can demand that your family or certain family members receive counseling OR they can remove you from the home. If a relative/friend is willing and able to "raise you," they could attempt to get guardianship/custody of you. If no one is available who is qualified you would be placed in a group home or a foster home.

    You will "age out" at 18 which means you would leave the system and go out on your own to get an education, support yourself."

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    That's like asking "Does education really work?" Vague much, dude?

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    The Sandy Hook gunman was not a "child". 

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