In high school and college volleyball, is it best to serve the ball overhand or underhand?

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  • Kent L
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    2 months ago

    Better high school volleyball players and everyone who plays on a college team serve overhand. Once you are able to serve overhand, it is good to learn to serve a variety of serves: float, topspin, side spin, jump serves, etc. An effective server should be able to hit different spots on the court with various serves so they can target weak spots in the opponent's serve receive. Also effective, although harder to learn, is the roundhouse serve which some smaller players use since the power of the roundhouse comes from use of the entire body.Unless a serve has tremendous velocity that overwhelms passers, serves that move in a straight line are much easier to pass than one that has a great deal of movement - think of a baseball pitcher with a great slider or sinkerball that looks like it will end up in one location but moves in the strike zone making it much harder for a batter anticipating a ball that comes straight in.

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  • 2 months ago

    Underhand serves are mainly used in recreational volleyball. It does not require the level of skill or coordination that the overhand serves do.  So in a high school gym class or a college rec volleyball team may have some people who serve underhand.

    Overhand serves are used in competitive volleyball like a high school JV or Varsity team or a college team.  There are three main types of overhand serves: the floater, the topspin, and the jump serve. 

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  • 2 months ago

    Overhand. It gives you much faster velocity so the opponent have less time to react. The fastest way from point a to point b is in a straight line. That’s what you’re doing when serving overhand. 

    When you serve underhand, the ball goes up then it comes down meaning there’s more time to react. 

    Don’t you watch the Olympic volleyball games or even college games. Players serve overhand. I have yet to see a player serve underhand. 

    • Eugene Lynch2 months agoReport

      I saw a middle school volleyball game on YouTube. Some of the players were serving overhand and underhand. 

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