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President Trump just said we have one of the lowest mortality rate in the world, how is this possible when we have more deaths then anywhere?

Right now the USA has the highest number of deaths. The USA mortality rate is one of the lowest in the world.

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    Available data on confirmed COVID-19 cases and deaths contradicts President Donald Trump’s recent claim that “the United States has achieved a significant lower mortality rate than almost all other countries.”

    As of April 16, there were at least 90 countries with a lower case fatality rate than the U.S., according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University.

    Trump made his claim about global coronavirus mortality rates during an April 16 press briefing by the White House coronavirus task force. At the same briefing, the president said a “team of experts now agrees” that the U.S. can begin the process of reopening businesses that have largely been shut down during the pandemic.

    He’s wrong based on recent data compiled by Johns Hopkins University, which has been tracking COVID-19 cases and deaths around the world.The university has calculated the “observed case-fatality ratio” — the number of deaths divided by the number of confirmed cases — for around 130 countries. As of April 16, at least 90 of those nations had a lower rate than the U.S. rate of 4.9%.Some of those nations with a lower rate were Singapore (0.2%), New Zealand (0.6%), Australia (1%), Israel (1.1%), Japan (2.1%), South Korea (2.2%) Turkey (2.2%), Germany (2.9%), Portugal (3.3%)  and Canada (4.1%).

    The U.S., which is the third most populous country, has conducted more tests than any other nation – about 3.4 million, as of April 16, according to Our World in Data. But it lags behind other countries on a per-capita basis, as we have written before.We should also point out that these case fatality rates are based on only the known coronavirus cases and deaths. Because unreported cases and deaths are not included, it’s difficult to say exactly what the rate of death from COVID-19 is in any country. But based on the global data we currently have about the disease, Trump’s claim that the U.S. mortality rate is lower than nearly all other nations is wrong.Correction, April 20: We originally said the U.S. had the “eighth lowest rate” among the 10 most affected countries. It had the third lowest rate.

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    I'm in a vaccine study.  In a week I get my second vaccination.  The test was supposed to have 300 people from our area.  When tested 60 percent of the volunteers had already had COVID 19 but were symptom free.  They could not participate in the study because they already had the antibodies.  In our group we had no one with reactions worse than hay fever.  So for all those Democrats that say we can't have a vaccine; We have one and I took it. If you want it put on your big girl pants and join a study.  As one of my favorite books said," Come on you apes, you want to live forever?" We used to be a country willing to take chances. Now we are Democrats and want mama government to take care of us like good socialists..

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    Literally everything he says is a lie, 100% of the time. don't even bother trying to make sense of it.

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    It would depend on the death.  Overall ranking with all other first world countries, we rate third.  However, for infant mortality rate, we surpass others along with respiratory related deaths.  

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    Really bad at basic math, eh?  So clueless you think all countries have the same size populaitons?

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    Have you not seen in the past 3.5 years that Trump Lies Like a Rug?

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