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If or when my daughter gets stage 4 Leukemia at age 9 will she likely die?

She is only a few months old now. I hear voices and Emily, one of the voices, says she knows future things and my daughter will have cancer at age 9. My mother who raises her tells me this is not reality but I know Emily and she can't be un-real. Emily wouldn't tell me whether my daughter would survive. My male voice Jack did not speak.

So since my daughter will get stage 4 Leukemia at age 9 will she likely die? I know the dead but don't want her in dead world but in my Mom's world when I can see her on approved days.

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    If this is real, you need to make an appointment with a psychiatrist.

    Whether or not this is real, the kinds of leukemia that children get don't have stages.

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      I have but they work against me with the mind cancers

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    This is once again Mr Right posting here to try to annoy me.  He is never bright enough to see that all he really does is prove me right about his lack of intelligence and imagination.  

    He has also cloned my account (again) so look at the level of any poster using my avatar image to see which account is his.  

    He always reacts this way when I use his own posts to prove how incapable he is of seeming rational or sane.

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    You need professional help, hearing voices is not normal.

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