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i think i might be bipolar?

lately i've been starting to think i might be bipolar. i googled symptoms of bipolar disorder and i see some of them in myself. i know you can't diagnose yourself but it would make sense because my mama is bipolar. symptoms i have are:

- irritability.

- lack of concentration.

- racing thooughts.

- i cry a lot.

- difficulty falling asleep.

- insomnia.

- anger.

- general discontent.

there were a few other things but these are what stick out most. but whether or not im bipolar i don't know what to do about the symptoms.

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  • Cassie
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    11 months ago
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    If your mother is diagnosed with bipolar disorder then it is likely you could have inherited it from her. 

    The best thing to do is to seek help from a medical professional so they can give you the correct diagnosis. I recommend seeing a professional who is knowledgable in mental health so a psychologist or psychiatrist would be the best places to go. Psychologists can help through different kinds of therapy and a psychiatrist can prescribe medication to help manage symptoms. If you do seek help, please be sure to talk about your "highs." Bipolar disorder is often misdiagnosed as depression because the "highs" aren't discussed as it isn't the reason the person is seeking help in the first place. It is the depression that most often causes someone to seek help so please be sure to describe both spectrums and what you feel during those times. The symptoms you describe are characteristics of bipolar disorder so I highly recommend seeking out help from a medical professional especially if there is a history of bipolar in your family. 

    I was diagnosed with Bipolar II a few months ago and currently see a psychologist to help manage it and other things. The things I have learned so far has helped me manage things a bit better. So please, I urge you to seek help especially if your symptoms are overwhelming! Best of luck!

  • ?
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    11 months ago

    You are probably in your teens.

    There is a world of self-help online for each of these symptoms and what you can do.

    Mental illnesses are way overly diagnosed. Don't wish that on yourself. And your brain is the best medication in the world.

  • Anonymous
    11 months ago

    Bipolar is a very serious diagnosis with very serious consequences. Are you a danger to self or others? If the answer is no I'd stay away from psychiatry.

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