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I need ideas for an Afghan/Mexican wedding?

So my friends are getting married. I sort of got myself into this dilemma and now I don’t know exactly what to do.

So I’m a black girl that has very little knowledge of any both cultures. But I knew the groom since high school. He’s Mexican but he’s not the one to constantly show his Mexican culture but he is proud of his roots. All I know is that his family is from Guerrero. Me and my husband who is Korean actually helped them get together. His fiancé is someone that I have gotten to know over the years who I became good friends with. She’s Afghan and her family are Shia whom speak Farsi. The bride however converted to Evangelical Christianity. Half of her family didn't approve of her leaving the Muslim faith for Christianity. But her parents and siblings respect her decision as well as many cousins that are around her own age, but then again she isn’t the first christian in the family. 

So the groom dad side of the family are Catholic who love “Banda” a Mexican music genre. The mom side of the family aren’t very religious with the exception of her and her sister. The groom also invited a large percentage of friends from their church. They aren’t opposed to dancing but prefer no bad words. The bride’s cousin love listening to Afghan music. 

Then there’s work friends from both parties and school friends from both parties majority who aren’t neither Mexican or Afghan. Adding all the invitees would come up too 150 people which includes my mom, kids and brother in law. 


They proposed in August 2019 and were planning on May but due to COVID19 they pushed it to November 2020. So that’s a lot of people, high expectations and I’m not a wedding planner but I have hosted parties and baby showers. What food do you recommend, what type of music? Should I bring traditional dancers from Mexico and Afghanistan? Should I have a DJ, mariachi and an Afghan singer? Their budget is around $9000 

Update 2:

I was thinking of showing pictures of them when they were kids. The bride is a huge fan of some Afghan singer I don’t have any clue who is. 

She loves gardens and her favorite color is Black because she thinks it’s elegant but how do you use that in a wedding. 

Update 3:

So unsatisfied with the answers in here. How do I delete this question? 

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    Ok, I have a couple ideas, but there's a reason people are questioning your role here.  You're functioning as a wedding planner, but there's a reason wedding planners take courses and have experience.  For example, are you qualified to look over the contract and make sure it's ok?  Anyway, what you have here is an unusually complex wedding with a very low budget.  $9000 may sound like a lot to you, but not for 150 guests.  Even if you lucked into a wedding venue that charged only $50/plate (which will be very difficult), right off the bat that's $7500 just for a room and food.  Additional costs would be flowers, photographer, invites, postage, alcohol, DJ (you need one for a group this large), centerpieces, AV, etc etc etc.  The math doesn't add up & I'm using super cheap catering.

    Before doing anything else, join and take advantage of their free services.  One of them is a customized list of budget items.  Sit down with them and go through all items.  They will quickly realize they need to take a hatchet to that guest list or else find a big chunk of money somewhere.   So don't focus on little issues like colors and music.  You have some big hurdles to get past.

    The stuff you're asking about like types of food and music shouldn't be issues yet until you know for sure how big the wedding will be and where it will be.  In fact if you don't have a venue nailed down, you're behind the curve.  November is 6 months away and this is a huge wedding.  If you do have a venue and you're planning on doing your own catering, I could spend the rest of the day explaining why you can't do that with a group this large. 

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    Consult with a wedding planner.  I'm sure they will assist for a fee.  Have a black tie affair.

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    Why on earth are you planning someone else’s wedding, for cultures you know nothing about?

    Also, there’s a global pandemic going on. Weddings ain’t happening right now.

    Sounds like you’re a middle schooler who wants to fantasize about weddings. Right?

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    Literally no part of this is anything to do with you.  Hopefully, as these people are your friends, you will be attending as a guest.  The extent of your role is to tell the groom how handsome he is, tell the bride how beautiful she is, and toast them both at appropriate intervals.  It's their party, they should be doing the planning and having the entertainment and food options that they want.

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    Why are you planning their wedding.  Just because one is Mexican doesn’t mean they want all their culture in the wedding.  My husband is Polish but we didn’t have any Polish traditions or food.

    Let them plan their own doesn’t matter what the parent or sibling of the bride and groom are or wants.  This is up to the bride and groom.

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    have them plan for themselves...... you're not the bride

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    And this is up to you... why?

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    They were planning on May, but they're still looking for "ideas"? Don't you have anything better to do than make this stuff up? 

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