How is death caused by sin? In most animals aging and death result largely from loss of telomeres, sulfide bonding of proteins, ?

and free radicals.  These same chemical processes occur in humans. Why would these processes be harmless in humans if they are fatal in other animals?

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  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    The ovum doesn't help sperm to become baby the egg and sperm BOTH become a baby. Take a biology class MORON. 

    Lv 7
    6 months ago

    as a Nurse of 40 years seen many death certificates and death occurrences

     NEVER seen a Certificate that  stated the determination  CAUSE  was SIN There is  a CONTRADICTION   we SEE a LOT of CHRISTIAN  DEATHS and  their  FUNERALS ...... but the claim is also that JESUS DIED for "THEIR " SINS  ( stain of sin is removed )   so CHRISTIANS ... CAUSE of DEATH   is like OTHER PEOPLE decline of their VITAL SYSTEMS  of body functions    which is the DEFINITION of DEATH .. the  complete and  PERMANENT cessation of ALL vital functions the word  SIN is a term associated with RELIGION , Religion defined by sociology  is a CULTURAL  system of DIRECTED behaviors and practices upon populations by SOCIAL organizations   promoting " SUPER NATURAL " propositions  . SNP examples are heaven hell Hades Naraka Angels demons Devil Satan Arch angels SATAN  SAINTS SOULS SPIRITS GHOST  GODS MAN -GODS NON-CREATED Creator deities as to the DIRECTED  practices and behaviors of SOME religion Commands to KILL people  related to the promotion of  SNP  examples "thy shall not suffer a Witch to live"  ( Salem Mass. 1692 )  directions about homosexuality . command to Stone to death disobedient CHILDREN  or a MAN who picks up STICKS or an Adulterer  and in SOME religions to KILL the NON BELIEVER   thank you for the question

  • 8 months ago

    Death is caused by sin because the extreme theists pester you to death in trying to get you to convert to their mindless beliefs.

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