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If I've never worked (reasons), can I get the stimulus check of $1200? I have a valid SSN, Phone #, address. I've made side money, sub $12k.?


I have made money on the side, and there is a portal to file a free tax return, for people who made under $12,200 (In my case sub $1k that wasn't federally taxed) would it be "illegal" to file the $1000 in that free non-filer form, or is it alright that it was just cash payments for odd jobs. Not trying to go to jail, but the money would help my family immensely given the circumstances.

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    I guess you are not aware that  you MUST file a tax return if you earn more than $400 in income from "side" jobs.

    You are basically "self employed" and if you earn more than $400 in income, you ARE required to file a tax return.

    People who earn their income from an employer that withholds taxes are not required to file unless they earn above $12,200.  (W-2 employees).

    People who earn their income from self employment or from 1099 contract work or other 1099 income must file a tax return if their income is above $400.  

    So - find a free tax site and file your tax return.  You are actually doing something illegal if you don't.  

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    you need to ask a tax place this question

  • Anonymous
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    No tax return filed, no check.

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