Ok so I killed someone?

I was playing Minecraft and I killed someone. Does anyone have any suggestions for what I should do now? 

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  • 11 months ago
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    Depends on the circumstances...

    If the death was accidental & unintentional, the best you could do would be to retrieve the items they drop & return them to them...  or if you're concerned about your safety, just place them in a chest nearby safe place & apologize to them.

    If the death was in self-defense...  just go on with your normal stuff.  That player was likely trying to kill you & therefore you have NO OBLIGATION to provide any restitution to the player in question.  Just be aware that you may be assaulted by that player again in the future.

    If you intentionally killed a player...  be prepared for vengeance, as that player is likely upset from it & may come after you to justifiably kill you.  Unless the server has noted PvP rules or designated PvP areas, you might get kicked or banned if the victim complains.  The length of the ban will be based on the situation (number of kills incurred, number of bans inflicted, ect.)  Many servers generally frown upon Player Killing, as they consider it as a troll move that benefits older players (those who got on the server first vs those who got on the server later).

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  • 11 months ago

    Don't let them progress to the point where they'll be able to kill you, because they will be looking for revenge. Also, perfect the art of combat so no man or woman on this living earth could best you.

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    Don't be sorry... BE BETTER.

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  • 11 months ago

    Protect yourself. They will be coming for revenge.

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