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Hi I'm looking for any good reading websites or apps that let you read a entire book for free I read things like Nancy Drew the Hardy boys the boxcar children and the babysitters club books. I have kindle PC but can't pay. Hope you can recommend anything!


I do not like audio books or ebooks.

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  • 9 months ago
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    If you have Kindle on your PC, you can get books from the local library and read them on the PC or any other device. I often bounce from desktop to laptop to phone, reading the same book where I happen to be. They will be ebooks, of course, not paper.

    Project Gutenberg has a great many free ebooks that are out of copyright. Some of them are wonderful, well worth a read.

    And every day, authors use give-aways on Kindle and other platforms to give away their books in hopes of building or enlarging their readership. It's pretty common to see the first book in a series go cheap or free when a new book is about to be released. Self-published authors commonly have freebie days for certain of their titles. Many ebook publishers have sales going on right now, including the publisher of my most recent.

  • Sandy
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    9 months ago

    you have to go old school, and get them at the library. books work just as well as an ebook.

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