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i like to smoke weed, but my job drug tests?

i work for amazon, i do it after a long day of work, i have sever anxiety and it helps me immensely, without it i'd probably have bad insomnia. come into work sleep deprived. I've never come into work anything but 100% sober. My question is if i get a medical card, will i be okayed to operate heavy machinery. It annoys me that society has this much control over what i do to my body in my free time, i understand if it effects the work place but w.e.  anyone know if a green cards clears you from getting fired

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    If your company has a written policy that they are a drug free workplace, then you can be fired if you are tested and come up positive. Having a medical usage card will not protect your job if your company is a drug free workplace. When my state first legalized medical marijuana (and then again when they legalized recreational usage) there were lots of conversations around what was legal for a company to do. A lot of companies in my state are no longer testing, but for people who operate heavy machinery, many still do because of the potential for injury and property damage. Personally, I think it’s kind of silly, because there isn’t a test that tells you if someone is currently high, just if they have THC in their system, which could be from use days ago.

    But like it or not, that’s how the laws work. If you want to enjoy recreational usage, you may need to find a different job. Or accept that you will lose your job should you get selected for a random test.

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    I thought all morons who work for Scamazon smoke weed.  I like to punch freaky people but I resist the temptation because it's against the rules....get the hint?

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    If your company does drug tests and you are found to be under the influence you will be sacked.......... no country has to accept druggies in the workplace, putting themselves ad everyone else at risk...... go see your doctor about legal drugs to help you sleep

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    If you qualify for a medical card, it lets you buy medical marijuana, but does not let you keep your job operating the machinery.

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    No it does not............

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    Society has this much control? What if you were stoned operating that heavy machinery and you damaged something or worse killed someone. Think of the liability from the companies shoes. It’s not all about you, society owes you nothing.

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    I've never come into work anything but 100% sober? 

    - does someone monitor you... it's not exactly something that you can self-monitor

    if i get a medical card, will i be okayed to operate heavy machinery?

    - you will likely be able to retain your job, like if you are a picker

    - obviously, you have been smoking something stronger then weed, if you think your employer will operate any equipment.

    But "Judge, I know Mr said he wouldn't come in stoned.  We expected him not to and thought he had the skills to monitor himself.  We are just as surprised as you are that he rammed into that racking system causing it to fall.

    At least it only killed 3 people and permanently maimed 9... if it had happened an hour earning, it would likely have been much worse".

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