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Why did Democrats and the media try to sell us the idea that Russia was more of a threat than China?

The Russian Collusion Hoax, the fact that Obama didn't see Putin as a threat in 2016, the depressing justification that "Russian bots were spreading misinformation on Facebook" was somehow an attack on our democracy, and now how China lied about Coronavirus, stifles news, threatens to cut off our supplies, and then the media and Democrats suck up for them.

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    Obama did see Putin as a threat in 2016 but didn't do anything because Trump would have said it proved the election was rigged.

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    The Mueller Report was a GOP cover-up job. 

    Corrupt Attorney General Bill Barr misrepresented the report to the public and attempted to hide it for as long as he could, giving the GOP time to come up with a lying defense of what was a damning report.

    Mueller stated quite clearly that his report did not exonerate Trump. He hinted strongly that further investigation was needed. Furthermore, he was specifically tasked by the GOP not to lay charges on Trump and the highest levels of government. He didn't charge them because that was strictly outside the bounds of his mandate. And yet the Republicans declared that represented exoneration!

    The Mueller report also a) Proved systematic efforts to influence the U.S. elections at the highest levels of the Russian government through the GRU. b) Over 100 contacts between Russian operatives and the Trump campaign, making the most generous explanation bumbling incompetence. c) Revealed facing systematic obstruction of justice from the White House.

    Do not let the lies of the right stand anywhere.

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    Thanks for using their talking points to prove that case.

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    Is this the same China where Ivanka Trump has Chinese children make her shoes in her factories there?

    EDIT: no the Chinese children who make Ivanka's shoes aren't "inceIs". They're too young

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