Are you diabetic? Advise needed for newbie PLEASE?

In the first week in February 2020 I was diagnosed with diabetes. I don t remember the ACTUAL number but I know my blood sugar level was OVER 600 at the time. I was put in hospital with that but MOSTLY for an infection I was fighting at the time. I keep getting mixed messages of what to do and what not to do. So you know I am giving myself injections as well as pills for this. I need no help with that kind of thing. What I need most help with is. When I m working how do I know the difference of reactions I m having (light headedness for example) as to whether it s that I m working really hard and/or overheating or if it s the diabetes. That s the one I M REALLY WORRIED ABOUT the most. When this happens I have to wait at least an hour for my break. What I m asking is when should that light headed feeling should be a worry. YES I DID ask this while I was still at the hospital in February. Cause they asked me if I had this or that symptom. I said I DID but it s usually at work and I work so hard it could be that. SO WHAT DO I DO? PLEASE no judgement if I was asking your question like this I wouldn t judge. REMEMBER I said I JUST got diagnosed with this. THANK YOU for your answers ahead of time

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  • 9 months ago

    If it's Diabetes 2, you can completely reverse it by adopting the ketogenic way of eating for life.

    Dr. Josh Axe has a wonderful book about this diet. I have been using the Ketogenic way of eating for five years. I'm going to continue.

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    9 months ago

    Until you know what you are experiencing is low or high blood glucose, you need to test every time you feel "differently" than you normally do. To help ward off lows, keep some sort of fast acting carbs on you or in your desk. And of course test first before treating what you assume is a low. 

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    9 months ago

    Obviously you need to be working with your endocrinologist instead of Yahoo morons

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    9 months ago


    Many ELIMINATE Diabetes with Diet and lifestyle...Medications have horrible side effects...Follow these steps.

    AVOID- Sugar (Real Labels for Added Sugar, even ketchup has it sometimes), Simple Carbs (White Bread and White Rice), Red Meat, Dairy, Butter, Chips, Soda (AND Diet Soda), Trans Fat, Fruit-Flavored Yogurt, Breakfast Cereal, Coffee Creamer, Dried Fruit, French Fries.

    EAT MORE OF- Leafy Green Veggies, Cruciferous Veggies, Spices (Turmeric w/ black pepper, Ceylon Cinnamon), Berries (In moderation), Nuts and seeds, Herbal Tea (No added sugar), Wild-Caught Salmon, Sardines, Anchovies, Atlantic Mackerel. 

    EXERCISE 6 days week for an HOUR per day until you're sweating. 


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