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Wilson asked in HealthMental Health · 2 months ago

How to battle nervousness about presentation?

I have an upcoming presentation at work in 5 days (online) where I have to explain details about my job and our department to other people working at our company

It is a pretty long presentation, containing around 40 slides and I will have one and a half an hour. I am already nervous that that time is not going to be even enough to explain it well.

However I am still nervous because I tend to start speaking super fast while giving a presentation and I run out of air. I also do not even know whether I will have to turn on my camera during the presentation. I also do not know whether my boss will join in on the call or not (its like a 90% that he will). Uncertainty adds extra nervousness.

I do not know how should I introduce the whole thing (most people who will listen in will already know me, because I help this department a lot during my daily work/I am always nice to them, and I also know they are very interested in the topic.)

They might ask some questions that I would not be able to answer (for example its a question for higher management) Or its a very complex question to which I would have to give a complex answer the problem is if I say something that is wrong (and I might not realize it in the "heat of the moment) that might have a bit serious consequences policy wise later.

Also, I just cant "summarize" the sentences on the slides naturally I tend to more or less read out the sentences but I know I should not do that but thats an easy way out.

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