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When can I buy an i7 10700k?

Or do I have to buy a 9700k?

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  • 1 month ago
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    It's supposed to come out next month, possibly. The rumor is the NDA for the 10th Gen parts will be lifted on April 30th. 10th Generation parts will be hard to get when they do come out and the price for the 10700k will be higher than the price for the 9700k. With all the shipping issues that's currently going on thanks to the Coronavirus, getting your hands on a 10th Gen part might take some time.

    The Core i7-10700k is more comparable to the i9-9900k since it has 8 cores with Hyperthreading, except it's supposed to clock up a little bit higher. Intel would have released these 10th Generation parts already but they were trying to find ways to lower the power consumption and heat output.

    You will need a Socket 1200 motherboard for one of these 10th Generation processors, and I believe the chipset will be named z490. I expect these lga1200 motherboards to cost more than their lga1151, 300-series counterparts.

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