What happens during a Home therapy session?

1 Answer

  • 10 months ago

    Each session is essentially a problem-solving session. You describe your current situation and your feelings about it, and then the therapist uses their expertise to assist you in resolving that problem so you can move closer to the life you wish to have. At the beginning of a session, the therapist invites you to let you share what’s been going on in your life, what’s on your mind, or what’s bothering you. You’ll be invited to speak openly. The therapist will listen and may take notes as you speak. You won’t be criticized, interrupted or judged. Your conversation will be kept in the strictest confidentiality. Every therapist is different, every client is unique, and every therapist-client relationship is distinct as well which means that there is no universal description of a home therapy session. Some therapists employ dream interpretation in their work. Others bring music or art therapy, others incorporate hypnotherapy, life coaching, meditation, visualization, or role-playing exercises. The list goes on and on. Ultimately, regardless of their approach, a therapist will listen without judgment and help clients find solutions to the challenges they face.

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