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How did doctor Jonah Salk Cure Polio??

If I sound angry? I am. I'm living in plague central NY. And nothing is being done to stop this nightmare. Now back in the 1950's poilo was killing and maiming people by the hundreds. Doctor Jonah Salk using just microscopes & testubes was able to cure polio with a vaccine. His method of vaccination wiped out measles diphtheria whooping cough mumps rubella. So tell me this how is it big pharma (Novarits, Pfizer, Astral Zenca) with all the unlimited resources they have in money manpower state of the art technology how is it they can make a vaccine to end this epidemic? I say its money profits they can't line their pockets with billons selling drugs like lipitor or advair or symbicort its sickening! We should be hearing on the news "big pharma are racing to make a vaccine" 

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    There is Big Money to be made

    in keeping people feeling like they always need medication.

    I'm glad I'm reluctant to take anything that isn't prescribed,

    and I'm not too enthused about taking what is.

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    He found a vaccine for it. 

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