Living with parent with COVID...any tips?

So, my Dad and I have the Covids.  It's no big deal for me...I felt worse when I had chicken pox.  He's not doing so good, 'cause he has asthma.  He looked like he was going to fall over when he was trying to cook, and can't make it down the three flights of stairs to check mail.  

I figure I should take charge and take care of him for the couple weeks until he recovers.  After all, he's taken care of me for years.  

Any tips?  What is easy too cook and good for someone who is feeling woosy?  

I could walk to the grocery store, but probably shouldn't?  I could take his credit card and order from Peapod or order pizza?  

Anything else I should do?


He doesn't have much appetite but us trying to eat.  He can walk around the apartment.  I'm just feeling a little tired and coughing.  There is lots of canned food and pasta in the house but no fruit.  

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    Contact your dad's doctor so they know he is sick (if they don't already) and can have a plan in place in case it gets worse. Do NOT go to the store - don't leave the house at all. Make sure whatever groceries or food you have delivered is pre-paid and contact-free. Avoid curbside pickups since you are sick and don't want to infect anyone (I hope).

    As for food - make sure your father is consuming lots of fluids and let him eat whatever he is capable of eating (the two people I know with Covid had zero appetite for quite a while). It may not be much, so have some plain bland foods ready for him - toast, rice, eggs, fruit (oranges, strawberries - stuff with vitamin C), chicken soup, crackers, hot tea with honey, oatmeal, etc. 

    Don't order pizza - fatty foods and dairy aren't great.

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    Hans gave you good advice. You should do the laundry, keep the kitchen clean and ask your dad what he wants done. Any food should be delivered, but you should plan ahead. It can take 2-3 weeks to have food delivered right now.

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    Ask him what you can do to help. Tell him to rest in bed as much as possible. Try to have him eat potassium rich foods like bananas, peas, apples. Also chicken soup and crackers and toast. And ask him what he wants and do your best. I had it so bad I had to stay in bed. You might want to even have a bucket handy if walking to the bathroom becomes to far.

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