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Anonymous asked in PetsReptiles · 2 months ago

How to I set up UVB lighting for my leopard gecko when I already have a heating pad.?

I am getting a heating pad but I heard that UVB is very helpful for leopard geckos even if they aren't active during the day but I don't know how to set it up without it projecting to much heat I don't know what lamp or bulb to get please help!

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  • 2 months ago
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    UVB lamps produce little to no heat. You should not notice any temperature changes from it unless you have a very small and over insulated enclosure. I suggest the Arcadia t5 bulbs, they have a low percentage one for crepuscular animals. 

    You may want to consider running the uvb for a few hours morning and evening instead of the 12 hours for truly diurnal basking reptiles. 

    If you aren’t using a thermostat with your heat may I would suggest it, will take much of the concern out of temperature stability!

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