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Comics & Animation Section: Marvel Chess Battle (Heroes vs. Villains)?

Marvel Heroes Side:

King: Nick Fury

Queen: Black Widow

Bishop: Iron Man and Captain America

Knight: Spider-Man and Wolverine

Rook: Hulk and Thor

Pawn: Mister Fantastic, Ant-Man (Scott), Captain Marvel (Carol), Hawkeye, Invisible Woman, Doctor Strange, Star-Lord, and Cyclops


Marvel Villain Side:

King: Thanos

Queen: Hela

Bishop: Loki and Juggernaut

Knight: Red Skull and Green Goblin

Rook: Doctor Doom and Magneto

Pawn: Ultron, Killmonger, Venom, Kingpin, Ronan The Accuser, Baron Mordo, Mystique, and Abomination

Who would win and why?

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago
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    The heroes. The villains may have more power, than but they couldn't work together the way the heroes can. The heroes would defeat them as a united team.

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