Is steaming good for preventing from corona virus ?

Is steaming  often good to be safe from corona virus


Does drinking hot water  helps ?

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  • Nancy
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    5 months ago
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    Actually, the CDC has recommended humidifiers because breathing dry air makes you more susceptible to catching viruses as it irritates and weakens mucus membranes that are a physiological barrier for viruses.  That's why viruses are more prevalent in the wintertime many places, not because it's colder but because the air is dryer and breathing dry air affects mucus membranes in a way that makes people more vulnerable to catching a virus instead of repelling it as contact with viruses aren't as effectively blocked by a thinned or non existent layer of mucus membrane.

    But will steaming keep you safe from coronavirus?  No.  People still get viruses in the summertime.  Breathing humid air will only make you somewhat less susceptible, not "safe."  Also, if where you live it's already humid, if the air isn't dry, then there's obviously not going to be any positive effect from breathing steam.

  • 2 months ago

    Steaming will in a sense prevent you from coronavirus as it increases the humidity level in the air. 

    Dry environment with humidity level below 40% will make viruses more active, therefore increase the likelihood of being infected by coronavirus. Studies have shown that the survival rate of influenza virus can be as high as 70% in an environment of about 20% humidity level. The effectiveness of mucosal clearance and the body's resistance function to airborne viruses, will be greatly reduced when the relative humidity is less than 40%. On the other hand, increasing the indoor humidity level to roughly 60% can block aerosol transmission of coronavirus.

    To achieve this, using a humidifier is more recommended than steaming as a humidifier usually has its own sensor which can maintain the indoor humidity at the optimal level automatically.

    Besides, you can also use a humidifier for air disinfection. An ultrasonic humidifier can atomize disinfectants into aerosols of less than 50um particle and disperse them on the surfaces of the disinfected spaces and objects to kill viruses on them.There are different sizes of humidifiers and they each have a different humidifier rating, as well as square footage usually covered. Cool mist/evaporative humidifiers are generally cheaper than warm mist and ultrasonic ones. Recommended brands include Magictec, Levoit, Keecoon, Pure Enrichment.

  • 5 months ago

    Drinking hot water wont do anything nor would steaming (what?) The best would be to not come into contact with anyone positive and wash hands, dont touch face etc.

  • 5 months ago

    No.  There is nothing that it possibly makes sense to steam that would prevent the corona virus.

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  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    Steam does not kill the virus. Soap does.

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