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I replied to his message saying ‘ok I’ll let you carry on with it’ why hasn’t he opened or seen the message yet? It’s been 1 day ?

Basically I’m going through a weird phase with the guy I’m seeing. He knows I want more. He’s known this since the beginning 

Lately we spoke about it again and I said everything which I was unhappy about and put everything on the table 

He seemed to be making more efforts since and has started to text me more 

But I’m getting a bit weirded out abt it because it’s not his normal behavior. He’s trying to be kind and romantic with me

At the same time he also blanked a message of mine which I got paranoid abt and started calling and texting him. To which he did not reply. I got ignored. 

The next day He replied and asked me Whatsup and why I called and told me he was asleep (this isn’t true because he rejected my call) so I know he saw it coming in. Anyways he was nice when he asked what was up and I replied to him relatively cool-ly saying not much I was wondering where he had went. 

He said he has started working again. So I said ok sure no worries I’ll let you get on with it.

I didn’t persist for a convo or continue it. The whole thing was short and I was fine with that esp how I had overreacted the night before 

But what’s weird is that it’s been a day but he hasn’t even opened the message even though he’s been on whatsapp. Why? The message didn’t need a reply so if he opened and and left me on read I would be ok with that. Why hasn’t he even opened the message? 

we don’t text everyday 

And does all of this mean he’s just not interested at something serious?

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  • 2 months ago
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    I would say he might be busy with his home life. Overall though, I would say he is not very interested because guys usually are the ones who are actively pursuing you. I would let him maybe contact you next

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  • 2 months ago

    Over reacting to a guy's lack of messaging is a huge red flag to a guy. Just saying.

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