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i am looking for an  exact or as possibly close to, translation for “let go of yesterday” english to Japanese?

i have found , 昨日手放します... but i dont think it’s exactly right. help thanks :) 

1 Answer

  • Pontus
    Lv 7
    2 months ago


    Kinō o tebanashite kudasai

    This differs from the one you found by:

    1. o - it marks yesterday (kinō) as the direct object.  Without it, yesterday is simply the day that the letting go happened.  

    2. tebanashimasu (present tense, indicative mood) becomes tebanashite kudasai.  That makes it a very polite request or suggestion.  Used with strangers, superiors, coworkers, etc. 

    If you want a more casual form (used for close friends, family members), then drop kudasai (ください -- which means-- please give to me/us). 

    There are about dozen ways of expressing commands, requests, suggestions, etc, most of which have at least subtle differences. But since you are specifically requesting a translation as close as possible, I suggest these.

    There are other verbs as well that express the same idea, but as far as I can find there's nothing wrong with this one with respect to the intended meaning.

    Source(s): intermediate Japanese. Trust an advanced or native speaker over me.
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