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Girl. Why Would You Still Follow Your EX?

She was my high school sweetheart. So Dec-2019-Feb-2020 we started talking again until she did something that I didn’t like that piss me off. So I got mad. Fast forward things starting to cool off, I tried to fix things but she doesn’t seem to care. I remember asking her how are you and she’s like good. She didn’t even ask me how about me. I also ask her why are you talking like that and said “I don’t need negativity in my life” I ask her so your saying I’m negative? She said that’s not what I’m trying to say but then she was speechless. So I let her go and deleted her off my social media but she still follows me and I notice she wants my Instagram story around 2:00am in the morning. I’m a trader btw so I stay up until 3 to trade so yeh... what’s your view here ladies? 

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