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My close friend's father recently passed away (he committed suicide). What do I say/How do I help out?

Currently living with my parents under lockdown for corona virus. I really want to help out and I don't care about getting corona virus. I just want to be there for my friend. But I don't want to let my parents get sick from corona in the process. My parents are super super paranoid about catching corona that they won't even go out for groceries, we get them delivered. Whats the best way I can help my friend and provide support to her (without disrespecting my parents)? I am an adult (22) but I'm currently living with my 60 year old parents after corona lock down was announced.


I should add that the friend lives in my hometown, near my parents, within a 5 minute drive. My own apartment is 2 hrs away so it unreasonable to live there and self isolate and commute back and forth as its currently exam season for me. 

1 Answer

  • ron h
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    right now, all you can do is call him.  If you can video call him, do that.  Don't make him talk about the suicide, but if he wants to talk, listen to him. He's going to be really confused and even angry with himself, but it's pretty rare that one person could have stopped his dad from dying.   If you go to see him, you might take something to him and his family, so you just can't go. 

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