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a few mine craft questions?

1- what do i need in order to tame and ride/control a horse (already have the saddle , a pen, food, water and the horse)

2- can you combine the rowboat with anything to make it larger or a regular boat to make it larger 3- can you make other vehicles such as planes or cars (without modding the game, i have bedrock version)if any, please give me the recipe or any that will help that is not in the guides, it would mean a lit, thanks 

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  • 2 months ago
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    1) Ride on the horse until it shows the 'heart' particles. Shift + right click on the horse to access the GUI.

    2) Not a feature in vanilla Minecraft.

    3) Again, it is not a feature in vanilla Minecraft, but you can download the 'Washington D.C.' map on the marketplace.

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