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Jess asked in Entertainment & MusicMovies · 2 months ago

What movie/T.V show is this scene from?

I saw it when I was much younger, only one short scene that I saw when my mom was watching it. It was so long ago, but it's been bothering me on and off for years. Someone tell me, which movie/T.V show is this from;

If I remember correctly, a spy covering as a phone repairman gets interrogated by his captors. They break a phone and demand he fix it to prove himself, but he keeps dodging it - "I don't have my tools, ect." So these guys rough him up, and then throw him into a cell with another captured spy. The two spies know each other, but they're aware that the cell is bugged, and keep up their covers. I specifically remember one of them saying, "Sorry they did that to you, too many wrong numbers?" Or something along those lines.

This has been driving my crazy since I was 12. Help me out?

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