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Is this acceptable behavior from a teen?

My mom told me her brother asked for sexual favors all the time when they were teens but that nothing ever happened. My mom brought it up because of a situation I went through.. my mom said boys that age will stick it anywhere and that it’s normal for a male sibling or cousin to ask you for such things. Is it actually normal or is she trying to down play my situation? This happened when I was a kid and I’m an adult now.. I’m just now processing my childhood.. and still to this day when I bring it up to her she stands by her statement.


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  • Carol
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    3 months ago

    Very common for guys to be so gross. Not your fault.

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  • 3 months ago

    I don’t think that’s normal. There is a difference between normal childhood curiosity and asking for sexual favors. I think this is where parenting comes in. As a parent, if you know that your male child is asking your female child to perform sex acts, then you have to intervene. Educate both of them on why this shouldn’t be happening and monitor the situation. If it continues, the parent should seek professional help. It doesn’t sound like any of that happened in your situation. 

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  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    More unbelievable characters and stupid incest stories. It's not a normal day for you without them, I guess.

    Whatever, "Miranda". Are you a 45 year old man? ...because you sure sound like one.

    You're "tired" of it, but not too tired to keep making accounts and spamming the forum with fake incest questions. I see. You "always" get these answers because you constantly make up these stories. You practically outed yourself there.

    You have a distinctive style to your creative writing.

    ***And now you've deleted your comment about "always" getting answers like this one. Nice.

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    • Anonymous3 months agoReport

      I’m so tired of assholes like you.. I’m too afraid to go to a therapist with my issues because I don’t want my brothers workplace to find out about what he did.. not for his benefit but for my own.. if I somehow ruin his life I’ll lose my family..

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