Please help me figure out the title of this book?

 I've been thinking about this forever and looking all I can, but I can't for the life of me remember this book I read two years ago that was amazing. The main protagonist is a boy in highschool named Mikey (Mickey?) who's into basketball and I think has an uncle myran. The book starts with him seeing a woman in a spooky house and she says something I can't remember. After that his female friend goes missing (or has been missing) and he goes on a mission to figure out what happened to her. It gets a lot darker and apparently she was in witness protection after having been abducted before. He finds out later his parents had been part of the organization that had originally saved her before. There's a sequel but I never got to read it. I remember the book I had had a butterfly and eyes on the cover but that's it. If you've got any ideas or even know the sequel please tell me. I've got small parts I remember if they're needed.

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    Vicky, I'm happy to take you part of the way to finding it.

    You're looking for one of the books in a series by Harlan Coben. The first books in it are about Myron Bolitar, a former basketball player turned sports agent and amateur detective. Later the series expands to include his nephew Mickey, who also played basketball. They're well plotted and light-hearted, something like Janet Evanovich's series in tone. Fun reads.

    If the focus is on Mickey, there are only three in the series so far. It sounds most like "Shelter," but the cover art isn't as you remember it, so maybe not.

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      I once met Harlan Coben, and he's such a nice guy. I'm pleased his career is doing so well.

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