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Hi.I want to ask few questions as I have inadequate information.?

1) If a wife, living in Pakistan wants to join her Partner(Husband) residing in UK,provided she has got all the required documents from UK(Pay slips etc). Can she apply for a spouse visa "by-her self" from Pakistan under "Joining a partner of a Settled Britizen citizen" Visa If Yes,please guide about the procedue. Is the fees different if She  applies from Pakistan?

2) If a husband (Sponser) residing in UK,wants to apply for her wife (Spouse) currently residing in Pakistan.If a third person on behalf of the husband apply for her in UK?3) Can Home office fees be paid by credit card from Pakistan for a person who is applying from UK?

4) Is P60 FORM mandatory or its supporting docuemnt?

5) I am vague about how mych to pay Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) My wife is Single.I have seen its 200 pound sterling per year. How much to pay for the initial visa? I have calculated from the website its stating 1200 pound 

Please guide me in detail.

2 Answers

  • 2 months ago

    Husband & wife must both provide appropriate documentation, and NO third party can apply on behalf of the UK-spouse. Both spouses are going to have to provide proof of a valid, ongoing marriage, including things such as proof of all your spouse's visits to you in Pakistan and/or other countries.

    The P60 form is required as part of the proofs of earnings the UK-spouse must provide. There is no such thing as a "cosponsor" for UK, so UK-spouse must submit proofs of sufficient earnings & having a suitable home for both spouses. Since spouse cannot be receiving or have received any "benefits," that housing must be purchased or rented on the open market, no council housing.

    That health surcharge is GBP400/year, and must be paid in full in advance to cover the duration of the visa applied for.

    Since another person here gave you linkies to websites, I won't repeat them here.

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  • Maxi
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    All the information is here

    The Home Office’s current fee is of £1,523 for applications

    A P60 is part of the proof of earnings


    • You would think that husband would need to be able to write English too but apparently not

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