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Anonymous asked in Science & MathematicsChemistry · 2 months ago

Why can't a women choose to terminate a chunk of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and phosphorus after she got abused? Republicans?

A women just got abused sexually and she can't abort a chunk of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorus, water and hydrophillic lipids(yeah that's what you Republians call life) the size of your finger. Why not gove her her freedom and stop this pro-life, I mean chemical compounds nonsense.

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago
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    This is not a question about Chemistry.  It needs moving.

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  • Dr W
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    Why not donate yourself?  You are the same chemical composition as a fetus right? As to size, should we donate anyone under a given size?  Should we donate all short people and keep only the tall ones?  What if it's me making the choice about whether or not to donate you to science?  To a lab that will literally tear you apart and harvest your cells for medical research.  Are you willing to give me that right?

    The problem isn't really about when life begins.  It's about why a person wants the right to kill a fetus.  And it boils down to this.  People have unprotected sex and they don't want the responsibility of raising the child that act produces so they try to justify killing the child however they can.  "Oh it's just a chunk of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and phosphorus..... so what's wrong with TERMINATING (killing) it."... and... "women should have the freedom to choose what happens to their bodies".. and... "life begins at birth"... and whatever other nonsense people like you can come up with justifying killing an unborn fetus.

    What if I say..

    .. (1) I should have the freedom to choose how to better myself

    .. ... .and my society

    .. (2) I believe research into stem cells will improve medical

    ... . . treatments for everyone.

    .. (3) I believe experimentation on live humans is justified because

    .. ..  .it will provide an incredible amount of valuable information

    .. . . .that will better the masses

    .. (4) humans are just "chunks of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, 

    .. . ....nitrogen and phosphorus.. you know.. just chemical

    .. .. . .compounds nonsense."

    And.. I then go out and convince the masses of US citizens to elect officials who agree with me to congress and the white house.  Who then pass laws that give ME the right to sacrifice PEOPLE to science.  I then choose YOU because you're too short, have the wrong hair and eye color to better society, and, quite frankly, are in the lower half of the population for intelligence.  So I have you taken to a lab where researchers immediately vivisect stem cells right out of you.  To better those people with spinal cord injuries.  Then they lock you in a cage and give you a series of chemicals and treatments that induce colorectal cancer.  To study mCRC treatments on you to better the rest of society.  

    After 6 months, after you to develop liver metastasis, the fun begins.  You receive treatments of various combinations and ratios of drugs.  Monoclonal antibodies such as panitumumab, cetuximab, bevacizumab (epidermal and vascular growth factor inhibitors) along with the standard mCRC treatments of folinic acid, fluorouracil, irinotecan/oxaliplatin.  Of course there will be side effects like your hair falling out (might as well chop it off now and sell it to tall people to use as hair extensions or wigs), like the non-stop diarrhea (yup, you'll need bottles of loperamide and boxes of adult diapers), like the non-stop peripheral neuropathy (continuous electric shock feeling in your fingertips and toes), and psychosis. That last one will require haldol and ativan to partially improve insanity and somewhat tame your paranoia.  

    Don't worry though... you'll be in good care.  Someone will keep your cage clean and you'll have the best doctors to keep you alive as long as possible.  Probably about 2 years or so.  At which time, a technician will terminate you with CO gas then autopsy you to inspect the damage to your organs.  Your remains will be properly disposed of in medical waste containers.  

    Now you might ask, what gives me the right to do that to YOU?  Well.. society did.  They elected people who then passed laws giving me the freedom and rights to improve society by sending YOU to the labs to be studied and terminated.  And if you think the courts will protect you because there are God given rights stated in our constitution to prevent this atrocity, think again.  Those politicians managed to stack the courts with judges sympathetic to their plans.  That's what the voters wanted.. right?

    so.. let's say it didn't get that far.  Let's say I took it upon myself to grant myself the freedom of "taking and experimenting" on YOU to better society.  Without any lawful rights.  What would you call me?  Would it make a difference to YOU if I had society / government / lawful approval to take you?  Wouldn't you protest and say there is a moral problem with calling you just a "chunk of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and phosphorus?".  


    the problem is this

    .. (1) humans reproduce through sex

    .. (2) unprotected sex leads to reproduction

    .. (3) instead of raising their offspring, some people

    .. . .. choose to kill them instead

    .. (4) people try to justify (3)

    a solution? Rather than legalizing abortion, why not write laws ordering all males and females to take hormonal contraceptives until they are will to sign a legal document stating they can and will take care of any children they might produce?  Then provide such contraceptives free of charge. That would certainly stop the killing of babies and end the abortion discussion.. wouldn't it?  

    oh.. except for that "victim of rape" argument you made.. so let's cover that.  US abortion stats from 2018

    notice the following

    .. (1) total US abortions in 2018 = 876,000 

    .. (2) < 0.5% were as a result of rape.  

    .. (3) 7% were a result of mother / fetus health 

    .. (4) 87% were due to UNWANTED PREGNANCY

    yup.. 4,380 instances of "rape related abortions" vs 762,120 unwanted babies.  

    continuing along... most states currently have laws that

    .. (1) prohibit abortions after 20 weeks.. google what

    .. .. . .a 5 month fetus looks like.... 

    .. (2) require licensed doctors to perform abortion


    .. (3) 1/3 of states ban public funding of abortions

    .. .. .. 2/3 of states allow partial or full funding for

    .. . . . health and rape related rapes.

    meaning... your "rape" argument is FOS


    overall, your argument of 

    .. abortion should be legal because 

    .. . (1) fetus are just lumps of chemicals

    .. ..(2) women should have freedoms in case of rape

    is pathetic... try again.  


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    • Rachel2 months agoReport

      also, not a lot of people can even AFFORD to have a baby. too many hospital bills. some women can even get dialated enough to have the baby so C-section time! cant afford that!!!

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    So we are gonna just terminate life because of someone's mistakes?  How hard is it to not get raped?

    • Rachel2 months agoReport

      what is this question oh my god? if a gun is to your head and hes threatening to blow your brains out wouldnt you just let him rape you, over your life. youre trash and need to think about life. 

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  • 2 months ago

    Good work at dehumanisation. But of course, a 6 feet 6 inch man who identifies as a woman IS a woman just because Liberals say so.

    • Rachel2 months agoReport

      women can be 6 feet 6 niches too lmaooo

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