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asked in News & EventsCurrent Events · 2 months ago

anyone see that huge sell off on the Dow Jones stock market just minutes before trading, why it happened?

it was up a little over 1600 points yesterday and today it rose over 900 points, but the last hour? or even last 10 minutes? of trading it sold off like 3.9 percent. why?

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  • 2 months ago
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    It's because it is very hard to predict what the long term business prognosis is under corona virus.  If you're a bear then you want to get out of all your stock positions, but then a bull wants to buy up under-valued recovery shares.

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      you forgot about the f'ers...they like to f*** the bears and the bulls. buy low , pump and sell high, repeat again

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  • ron h
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    2 months ago

    Recently, when donnie tRump goes on TV and lies, people think he's gonna f*ck something up again.  And the market drops in minutes.

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  • A.J.
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    2 months ago

    In a pandemic with massive business problems, stock prices swing wildly. The reason for the rise was a singe day decline in Covid-19 global death rate, but they see the USA badly managed in this and deaths rising.

    The DJIA is only 30 large companies.

    4/6 close 22680

    4/7 open 9:30am 23537

    10:54AM 22954

    12:18PM 23469

    2:20pm 22974

    2:55pm 22749

    closed at 22,653.86

    slid down bumpy all afternoon.

    I didn't watch the pre-market trading.


    Market ended the day slightly lower for S+P 500 and DowJIA.

    Individual stock prices in smaller cap swinging wildly.

    Some of my holdings today as symbol, name, % change today, my gain/loss

    CMC COMMERCIAL METALS CO +1.46% +10.07%

    KSS KOHLS CORP +20.21% -1.33%

    OMF ONEMAIN HOLDINGS INC +7.65% -9.07%

    COP CONOCOPHILLIPS  +1.43% -13.88%

    CFG CITIZENS FINL GROUP +3.94% -49.52%

    PRU PRUDENTIAL FINL +5.94% -52.66%

    TWO TWO HARBORS INVESTMENT +30.79% -73.15%

    MNK MALLINCKRODT PUB F +16.76% -85.72%

    FSK FS-KKR +9.40% -49.00%

    MTG MGIC Investment Corp Mortgage Ins +13.50% -8.70%

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      2 months agoReport

      so basically it didnt make anytying today and lost onl like 25 points or so from yesterdays over 1600 point gain?

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  • 2 months ago

    Pessimism over oil supply and demand crept in throughout the day and then the realisation that markets are closed on Friday meant that it made sense to take action today ahead of Thursday's OPEC talks which investors have concluded cannot result in anything positive as there is already too much supply in the system.

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